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At Threemilestone School, we learn French in KS2 but strive to give the children an introduction to French and other language learning throughout KS1. Our main objective is to foster a love of language and for the children to acquire the skills to apply to other languages in the future.


We aim to provide our pupils with a multicultural understanding and a firm foundation for continued language learning as they progress to secondary education and beyond.

We have a rich and broad curriculum, where the use of authentic resources as well as games and activities incorporating a range of learning styles to motivate the pupils and enable them to develop their language skills and their intercultural understanding. There is an emphasis on speaking and listening skills but as the children move through the school they are given more opportunities to read and write as well.

We work with teachers from Richard Lander School and use links to schools in France to give the children an opportunity to extend and apply their language learning. We strive to give the children a purpose for their learning and endeavour to incorporate the experiences and knowledge of children in the class. In addition, we embed a creative range of international activities to provide the children with a window into different cultures and countries, preparing them for life in a global society.

There is a focus on Global Learning throughout the curriculum and we are looking towards achieving the International Schools Award. 

Threemilestone Primary