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Science & DT Week

The whole school was full of scientists and designers during the week 22- 26 February 2016.

Children in EYFS, Y1, Y2 & Y3  enjoyed a spectacular chemistry show about bubbles.  Lots of oohs and aahhs could be heard all day!  Children in Y4 were detectives for a day.  They had to solve a murder mystery using a range of equipment, which the more able scientists from Richard Lander school brought with them.  They had a fabulous day and enjoyed working with the older pupils.  Y 5 & 6 did not miss out as they had the chance to enter the Explorer Dome, where they took part in a journey into space.  There was quite a lot of screaming when everything began to spin but a great time was had by all.

There were many cooking projects during the week, including food suitable for a space mission.  Children were sewing and building using a range of materials.  We even saw some art work which used fruits and vegetables.

There was a lot of scientific thinking during the week with children taking part in investigations with electrical components, forces and  light and some children even ventured into the outdoors to learn more about the natural world.

A great for week was had by all.


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