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Special Educational Needs & Disability

Summer Update 2017

Our SEND Information Report is the document which sets out everything our school has provided for our children this academic year. This will be viewed by the Governors at the next available meeting in the Autumn Term 2017, and then updated annually.

Threemilestone School Offer

Our SEND School Offer is the document which sets out everything our school has to offer children. Staff (Teaching and Support), the Senior Leadership Team and SENDCo will deploy these resources as needed, and this document will be updated annually (or at a time when individual needs necessitate). Our school offer forms part of the Local Offer for Cornwall and, as such, can be found on the Cornwall Family Information Service Website listed below. 

Family Information Service website: http://www.cornwallfisdirectory.org.uk

We have also updated our school policy on SEND, in that we have now incorporated SEND as a heading in our Equality Policy and Plan. As we were revising our Equality Policy and Plan, it became very apparent that SEND was a part of this, and that as a school, all needs (including SEND) required an equally individual approach. The link to this document can be found below.

Threemilestone Equality Policy and Plan 

SEND Terminology and the 'Assess, Plan, Do, Review' cycle

Threemilestone School now uses the new single school based level of SEND which replaced the previous system of 'School Action' and 'School Action Plus'. Through the year, the SENDCo and teachers discuss each child on the register of need and considered the new single SEND level (which is known as Special Support.) Our children requiring support at the Special Support stage will have a Special Support Plan (SSP). These have been shared very successfully with our children and parents this year, and new targets ready for the start of the Autumn Term. For each child, there are ongoing, and some specialized, individual assessments which then inform areas of need. These needs are then met through making a plan and setting out specific provisions and small steps targets. 

Transfer of Statements to Education, Health, Care Plans 

The Local Authority will be transferring Statements of Need over to the new EHC Plans over the next three years. This academic year, we successfully transferred Statements of Need into the new format EHC Plans. There will be ongoing developements in this area untill all of our children have an EHC Plan. Parents, staff and professionals will be informed of when future meeting are planned in and the new processes will be explained. For all other year groups, the annual reviews this year will be in the same format as before. If there are any questions regarding this, please contact school. 


The SENDCo for Threemilestone School is Miss Jen Dyer. She is available on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Please call the office or email the secretary to make an appointment. Alternatively, talk with your child's class teacher, or Mrs Sue Brown (Senior Leadership Team with a responsibility for SEND).



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