Headteacher: Ms Suzannah Teagle
Telephone: 01872 263322  E: secretary@threemilestone.cornwall.sch.uk

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SEND Documentation

To access the School's SEND documentation please follow the link below.

Truro and Penwith Academy Trust

TPAT Governance Documents are available for your information.

Admission Arrangements:

Our Admissions are administered by Cornwall Council Primary Admissions Department and currently we follow their co-ordinated admissions scheme and over subscription criteria, however since converting to academy status this is under review by our Governing Body.

Pupil Premium Funding

Learn how we use our Pupil Premium Funding

Government Sports Funding

Learn how we use the Government's Sports Legacy Funding.

URGENT - Free School Meals & Pupil Premium

If you are in receipt of income support, income based job seeker's allowance, income related employment support and allowance, child tax credits (with an annual income of no more than £16,190)* then your child attracts extra funding for their school?

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Our Staff

 At Threemilestone School we have nearly 50 members of staff, including 19 teachers.  

Mrs Brown, Mr Sharp, Mrs Hick, Mrs Harris, Mrs Searle, Mrs Wallis, Miss Mutton, Mrs Palmer, Mrs Davies, Mrs Lean, Mrs Rawlings, Mr Hick, Miss Wilson, Mrs Jones, Mrs Hick, Miss Maun, Mrs Beckett, Miss Doxford, Mrs Lobb, Miss Portlock, Mrs Prout, Mrs Lane, Mrs Rowland, Miss Berryman, Mr Lees, Mrs Moses, Mrs Crossthwaite, Mrs Coleman, Mrs Stephens, Mrs Burnett, Miss Hawken, Mrs Richardson, Mrs Julian, Mrs Oakes, Mrs Smith, Miss Hilbery, Mrs Senior, Miss Hawke, Mr Boreham, Mrs Cotterell, Mr Joyner, Mrs Hayes, Mrs Jones, Mrs Pascoe, Mrs Rowe


HEADTEACHER:  Ms Suzannah Teagle

DEPUTY HEADTEACHER:                Mr David Hick


TEAM LEADER (TLR):              

 Mr Ian Bagley  - Year 4 Teacher

(Years 3 - 4 Phase Leader)

Mrs Sue Brown - Year 2 Teacher

(Years 1-2 Phase Leader)

 Mrs Nikki Coleman - Year 6 Teacher

 (Years 5-6 Phase Leader)

Mrs Lexi Lobb 

(Foundation Phase Leader) 

SEND Co-Ordinator:                       Miss Jennifer Dyer

SCHOOL BUSINESS MANAGER:     Mrs Miriam Richardson

SCHOOL SECRETARIES                  Mrs Shelly Dobson

                                                         Miss Dawn Hawken


 Mrs Heather Beckett

Year 1

Mrs Lisa Crossthwaite

Year 3

Mrs Trina Davies

Part Time Year 4

Mrs Louise Murt

Year 3

 Mrs Jenna Johnston

Year 1

 Mrs Angie Martin

Year 6

Mrs Zoe Vale

Year 2

Mrs Ashley Tindale


Miss Becky Davies

Year 5

 Miss Jess Hilbery

Part Time Year 4

 Miss Yaina Andrew

 Sports Coach


Mrs Wendy Burnett

Mrs Denise Prout

 Mrs Michelle Moses

 Mrs Lisa Rowland

 Mrs Suzanne Sutcliffe



Mrs Zoe Allen

Mrs Sharon Rowe

Mr Alec Bartle

Miss Jasmine Seaborne

Mrs Stacey Harris

Mrs Nicky Searle

Mrs Jackie Hayes

Mrs Jenny Senior

Mrs Frances Hick

Mrs Karen Smith

Mrs Frances Julian

Mrs Caroline Snowdon

Mrs Kerry Keen

Mrs Caroline Stephens

Mrs Karen Lean

Miss Michelle Tocher

Mrs Pam Lees

Mrs Rachel Tite

Mrs Margaret Pascoe

Miss Emma Wilson

Mrs Carla Penrose


 Miss Caroline Portlock



ICT TECHNICIAN:                      Mrs Wendy Burnett

LIBRARIAN:                               Mrs Wendy Burnett



                                                  Mr Alec Bartle and Mrs Jackie Hayes


                                                 Mrs Jackie Hayes

Mr Alec Bartle

Mr Jack Main

Miss Jasmin Seaborne

Miss Katie Reid

Mrs Suzanne Sutcliffe


                                                     Mrs Frances Julian     

SCHOOL COOK:                             Mr Simon Taylor


KITCHEN ASSISTANTS:             Mrs Julie Saunders                    

                                                    Mrs Chantelle Kirkpatrick

    Mrs Sarah Williams


















Threemilestone Primary