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School Dinners

The school dinners at Threemilestone School are produced by Autograph Foods Services.

Our meals are served in a cafeteria style. Children are free to choose to eat either school dinners or have a packed lunch brought from home on a daily basis.

Meals can now be booked using ParentPay, using the username and password which you use to log in for all school based events.  Please contact the school office if you have mislaid this information or you are experiencing any problems with ParentPay.  Please note that even if your child is eligible for Free School Meals their meal selection will still need to be made.  
Although Autograph are committed to ensuring that all children who would like one get a hot meal at lunchtime, those who have booked their meal on-line will automatically receive the choices that they have made. 
If you need any further assistance with this system please contact info@edenpay.net or telephone 08009171897.
Please download the Autograph Food Services Menu as it is very helpful if parents can help their child choose which option they would like before they come to school.

Please note school meals will cost £2.25 per meal plus a drink - KS2 only (45p), water is always freely available at lunchtimes.

Threemilestone Primary