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Welcome to Year 3

We are made up of 2 classes, Marazion and Lizard class. Children in Marazion class will be working with Mrs Murt, Mrs Senior and Mr Bartle. 
Children in Lizard class will be working with Mr Lara, Miss Wall, Mrs Rowe and Mrs Stephens. 

Prehistoric paintings

This term we are becoming prehistoric explorers and will journey through a mini topic of dinosaurs, before looking at the changes in Britain in the Stone Age through to the Iron Age. 

More information about our topic and the home learning timetable can be accessed by clicking the links below. We will also have a weekly spelling quiz and times tables quiz, for more information please speak to either Mrs Murt or Mr Lara.


In the Autumn term we will be going swimming every Friday. The children will need to bring a full labelled swimming kit with them, including a swimming hat. PE lessons will happen on a Monday afternoon where the children will need a full labelled kit, including plimsoles or trainers incase we venture outside. 

We have an open door policy so please come and see us at anytime, after school would be better, when we are under no time constraints.

At the bottom of the page are a number of websites that you and your children may find useful. We will introduce the children to them in class so that they know where to access them. 

We look forward to meeting you all over the course of the term.

Mrs Murt and Mr Lara 


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The Story of Britain
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