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 Our Star learning this term is all about our extreme planet we live on.

 If you would like a paper copy of our star learning for the term Click here.......STAR LEARNING ~ Extreme Earth


Geography: We will be using lots of mapping skills to locate some of the Earth’s extreme terrains as well as investigating extreme weather systems and climates.





 History: The children will be studying different historical events e.g. famous mountain expeditions and historical natural disasters. 




D.T: The children will investigate the different types of volcanoes as part of their STAR learning and then plan, design and make one of their own.



 Science: The first half of the term the children will be learning about Light: how we see, shadows and splitting white light.         

 The second half of the term will be based around Living Things and their Habitats and how to classify living things.    


 R.E. Islam The children will be learning about Islam as a religion and that people have different beliefs.

They will learn about the five pillars, buildings, pilgrimages and special ceremonies.



 Art:Islamic art is often vibrant and distinctive. Children will be looking at Islamic art and creating their own design. They will be using tessellation skills to help.

Music:  Through our Islamic unit of learning, we will be listening to and composing music.  


 Computing: This term, the children will be developing their understanding of coding and applying the skills that they have learnt to create a quiz on an Android. The quiz will be based on what they have been learning about in their Star Curriculum. They will also survey children about their apps using google forms and presenting their findings to the class. 

 click here to connect to App Inventor.


P.E: The children will be developing their gymnastic skills and using the apparatus and floor to devise their routines. 



French: The children will continue to add to their French vocabulary through a unit called Our world:  countries, weather and habitats as well as continuing with counting, days and months of the year. 



Home learning:  Your child will be given a home learning activity sheet. Please support your child by completing as many as possible. There will be a variety of things to choose from which will help support the learning back at school. Hearing your child read and reading to them is a vital part of home learning, so please dedicate some special time for this.  Additional support with spellings and times tables would also be helpful. When additional maths and English work is given, the children will be given a few days before hand-in.

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