Headteacher: Ms Suzannah Teagle                                                                                                                                                   Telephone: 01872 263322   E: secretary@threemilestone.cornwall.sch.uk                                                                             Find us on Facebook  Official Threemilestone Primary School



Here at Threemilestone School we have two classes in our Early Years Department.

Lamorna Class is taught by Mrs Lobb and supported by Mrs Prout.

Tregony Class is taught by Mrs Tindale and Mrs Johnston and supported by Mrs Rowland. 
We are very lucky to also have Mrs Davies, Mrs Hayes and Miss Tocher working with our children.
At Threemilestone School our Early Years Department works as one functioning unit, where the children free-flow between the two classrooms, yard and garden. We are very lucky to have excellent outdoor areas, which means that the children can enjoy woodland welly walks and large-scale den building. Mrs Lobb runs a very successful bike project with our children. We have a fleet of wheeled vehicles at school and the children use these weekly- it is our aim to teach the children to ride a bike, without stabilisers, by the time they leave Reception.
We pride ourselves in our child-centred approach and we involve the children in our weekly planning process, taking a lead from their questions, thoughts, interests and ideas.





Threemilestone Primary