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Friday 30th June 2017

Where has the nice weather gone! We have battened down the hatches this week and the children have been amazing! Considering we they have had to be cooped up inside, for the most part, we have done some great learning. We are learning all about owls along with a myriad of other animals. We have learned how to find more information about barn owls by using the internet and a variety of books. During independent learning time we have done some super 'fact writing' which has led to a number of headteacher awards! 

 Some important information: just a reminder to please return the trip letters asap and even if your child is having their own pack lunch from home, please return the 'pack lunch' slip, thanks.

 If you have not yet returned the pink 'facebook' form, please could you get that back in next week too, thankyou.

 Next week the children will be going into year 1 for their 'moving up' days.  While the year 1 staff will support your child at lunchtime as much as possible we would like to encourage as much independent cutting of food as possible, any opportunities to practise this over the summer will benefit those children who find cutting up food a bit tricky. 

 10th of July is our SPORTS DAY! We are very excited and there will be further information on the website and in the weekly newsletter. Could you please ensure your child has a white T shirt, navy shorts and plimsolls (that fit, if you're not sure feel free to take PE kit home early this week). 

 Have a great weekend! 

Monday 26th June 2017

 We had a fantastic time last week! I hope you all enjoyed the performance on Wednesday! It was superb and we all had a brilliant time. Thank you so much for coming! 

The weather has been amazing, if a bit hot! We want to say a big thankyou to everyone who has managed to put suncream on your child in the morning. We understand that this is difficult however and if suncream is brought into school, please ensure you child understands that despite it being a kind thought they are not allowed to share the cream with friends, in case of allergic reactions. 

The butterflies have now all been released safe and sound into the Reception class garden. We had loads of fun watching them progress through their life cycle, why not ask your child to talk you through the stages? If you see a butterfly in the wild, see what different body-parts your child can recognise! 

Friday 16th June 2017

 What a lovely week of sun! We have enjoyed a fantastic week of learning. As you know our class assembly is next Wednesday (21st June) and we have been focusing our learning on caterpillars and butterflies. We have done all sorts of great stuff which I don't want to spoil for the assembly, so you'll have to wait and see!

Our caterpillars are now getting really big and most have turned into chrysalises. The children have really enjoyed watching them grow so ask them all about the different parts of a butterfly and be amazed at their scientific knowledge! 

 We have also enjoyed some outdoor PE; testing our throwing and catching ability, building assault courses and practising for sports day!


Friday 9th June 2017

 Welcome back to school, I hope you all have a fantastic half term! We have been hearing all the exciting things you got up to over the week. Firstly we have had a great week of learning. We are working hard to prepare for our class assembly on Wednesday 21st June. The children have learned all kinds of interesting facts about caterpillars and butterflies, ask them what a 'proboscis' is! We are also looking to improve our writing skills and this week we have focused on our toolkit for writing, you can see this (which the children created themselves as a group in order to assist their writing) in the image slideshow below. 

We have had  some new additions to the class this week, 10 to be exact! We welcomed the new caterpillars on Monday and already they have grown a lot! They are hungry indeed! 

Lastly we were lucky enough to have a very special visitor this week when Mrs and Mr Tindale brought baby Tindale to meet the children. They were super excited to meet her and behaved brilliantly.

Just a couple of bits of information; thanks for returning the yellow slips for the trip, we can't wait to go! 

We have not forgotten about cutting and sticking, as the children have come to the end of learning their sounds they need to now focus on re-visiting the sounds already learned. Especially the digraphs and trigraphs. 

Likewise we are aware of a lack of updates on Tapestry. This will return to normal next week as we have finished our moderation assessments now. 

Have a lovely weekend, see you all next week! 

Friday 26th May 2017

First of all, apologies for not updating last week as I'm sure the children have told you I was off ill! Back to full fitness now and raring to go for after half term! 

Ok, down to the good news, baby Tindale has arrived! We are all super excited and thrilled for Mr and Mrs Tindale. Sienna Catherine Tindale was born at 11.22am on Monday the 22nd May weighing in at 6lb 15oz. She is absolutely gorgeous and Mrs Tindale is so happy to have her home. Mrs Tindale would once again like to thank all the parents and the children for such lovey gifts and added that Sienna is enjoying napping in the nursing pillow that the children got her.

Thanks for a fab half term everyone! Keep reading over the holiday, have a lovely, fun-filled time and see you all when we get back to school. 

Friday 12th May 2017

What a fantastic send off for Mrs Tindale! Even with all the excitement, for the imminent arrival of little Tindale, we have had a great week of learning! There has been some super work done in independent learning time, where we are focusing on people from around the world. We have made American Indian ceremonial headdresses, built even bigger Mayan temples, learned two new sounds ('er' and 'ear') as well as extending our knowledge of 3D shapes.

We would all like to thank Mrs Tindale for doing such an amazing job of getting the children to where they are now! I would also like to say thanks for all the help she has given me, coming into a new school late in the year! 

If there are any concerns or thoughts that you would like to share, please don't hesitate to see me in the morning or after school, anytime. Well done everyone, it has been a long week with lots of phonics and maths happening, we are really pleased, keep up the good work!

We were also lucky enough to have some lovely year 6 helpers in throughout the day on Friday. We all want to say a big thank you to all of them for being so great and helping us with our learning. Cheers! 

See you all next week, have a super weekend! 


Thursday 11th May 2017

Thank you to everybody for my gorgeous presents. Mr Tindale and I are very grateful and appreciative of how kind you have all been to think of our family at this very special time. We have also enjoyed showing my family in Newcastle all of our lovely things over Face Time or by sending them picture messages. 

It has been my absolute pleasure to teach your children in their first year at school. Starting school can be a really emotional and stressful time for Mummies and Daddies and I hope you feel that your children are in very good hands here at Threemilestone and are pleased with how well they have settled into school. Although it is unfortunate I can't see your children through the remainder of their Reception year, I just know they will continue to blossom and grow in the care of Mr Robinson and the very capable and experienced hands of Mrs Lobb, and I will pop in regularly to see the children and so that they can see our new baby. 

Thank you again for your kindness,

Mrs Tindale.

Friday 5th May 2017

Despite having a four day week we managed a lot of great learning. The children had previously decided to learn all about people from around the world and this week we have been expanding our activities on this theme. We have worn sarees, built Mayan temples, learned how to speak Spanish and constructed giant sky scrapers. The children have really engaged with the theme and we look forward to building up some place-marks on our huge world map next week. 

During maths this week we have been learning all about time and o'clock. Mr Robinson told the story of the Big Bad Wolf and we looked at the time he took and at what time, he did his daily chores (such as harassing the three little pigs, or eating his breakfast of bones and brains!) We have done some fantastic writing this week and look forward to seeing more in your busy books next week! 

Friday 28th April 2017

This week in maths we have been learning all about money. We have talked about how we use coins to pay for things and worked out which coins are needed to afford various items. For example, we could use a 10p and a 5p to buy an object worth 15p. Money is a really tricky subject and they have worked hard all week, well done! Any opportunities to get the children involved in adding or sorting coins will help their continual development. 

Have a nice extra day off! See you all on Tuesday!

Wednesday 26th April 2017

In our Floorbook Time the children came up with many great ideas about what they would like to learn about next. We found that a lot of children are interested in learning about people around the World and so we have started looking into this in our Independent Learning Time. We have thought a little bit about the different clothes that people wear around the world, the types of animals that might be found there and how they might look a bit different to people that live in Cornwall. We will explore this much more next week. Have a look at the photos below to see the children's idea writing from Floorbook Time and some of the provision the children have been engaging with this week.

Our yard is currently under construction. Please bear with us whilst these works are being carried out. Unfortunately this means that our outside space is out of action for a little while as there are lots of trip hazards at the moment and there will be workers out there soon. We are looking forward to using our finished space and know it will be a lovely learning space for our children. 

This week we have introduced Busy Books. Each child has their own Busy Book which they can use in Independent Learning to do any writing they would like- this could be a story, a comic, a poem a shopping list, anything they like! We will take some photos of some amazing writing in Busy Books and post them next week.

Imogen Dash is starring in a production of Peter Pan at the Redruth Regal Theatre. If you would like tickets please contact the box office.

Friday 21st April 2017

Welcome back to school, we hope you have had a very chocolate-filled Easter! We have enjoyed listening to what you have all been up to at home during the holidays in our Circle Time this week and the children have done a great job at writing about it too.

In our Maths time we have been learning:

  • to recognise numbers up to 20
  • to estimate how many objects there are in a set
  • to compare numbers up to 20, deciding which are higher and which are lower
  • to build towers to compare height
  • to make a teen number with 'ten and some more'
Some of us are still finding some of these aspects of our learning tricky at the moment, if you could work on these things at home it will really help your child. Thank you.

This week, we have been very excited to meet Mr Robinson properly. Thank you to the children for showing Mr Robinson where everything is kept and for being very friendly during his first week with us at Threemilestone School.

Monday 27th March 2017

Just a little reminder that tomorrow is our annual Easter Bonnet Parade. Please bring your bonnets to school tomorrow for our parade at 11:10am. This is only for the children, however we will post some photos online for you.

Thursday 23rd March 2017

We have been very busy this week preparing for Red Nose Day. Today the children worked very hard and made over 100 cupcakes and biscuits to be sold to the children at school in the morning. Again, our friend Richard Pinch from Tesco, has come up trumps and came to help us with our baking. The Tesco Farm to Fork Scheme has enabled your children to engage with cookery far more than we would be able to afford through our classroom budgets. With Richard's help and support, the children have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to cook spring rolls for Chinese New Year as well as lots of other yummy thing to eat. Tesco provide Richard and all of the ingredients completely free of charge as part of this brilliant community scheme. In order for this to continue, Richard needs our support. If your child has ever come home from school and commented on how they enjoyed the cookery sessions or about how much fun they had with Richard, please, please could you leave some feedback on www.tescoviews.com. You will be asked to fill in a four digit code from your receipt. Please can you use the digits 3310. As an incentive you will be entered into a prize draw for a Tesco gift card worth £1000 and you will earn 25 Clubcard points (if you enter your Clubcard number) each time you leave a review. The first few questions are about the store, so you can click 'I didn't purchase anything'. The part that would be helpful for Richard is the section about how welcome the store staff made you feel (if you could answer this in relation to how much your child enjoyed working with Richard) and the next page which has the comments box. A short comment which mentions Richard and which refers to the community project would be really, really helpful. It would be such a shame if the children were to miss out on this amazing experience because it had been withdrawn. Thank you in advance for your support with this. Here are some photos of us being really busy with Richard today:

You may notice a new face in the photographs! Mr. Robinson came to visit us this week and helped us with our Red Nose Day baking. He will be joining us tomorrow and hopefully will get the chance to introduce himself to lots of parents at our cafe tomorrow. Remember you can drop in at any time from 1:30pm to 2:30pm for a coffee or tea and slice of cake. £1.00 for adults, 50p for children.

Friday 17th March 2017

 It is the 'Big Pedal' next week. There is more information on this week's newsletter- if for any reason you are not receiving emails please can you contact the school office. Thanks

Next Friday is Red Nose Day and we are looking forward to some exciting fundraising activities next week. A letter was sent home this week regarding this. If you are unsure of anything please contact either myself or Mrs Lobb.

This week in our maths time we have been learning:

  • to recognise numbers and find the number that is one more or one less in number bingo. Some children are learning to do this with numbers to 5. Some children are learning to do this with numbers to 10. Some children are learning to do this with numbers to 15 and other children are learning to do this with numbers to 20.
  • how to measure length accurately using non-standard measures- ie we measured how many bricks tall Riyaan was.
  • to compare lengths, ie Riyaan is shorter than Amelia (it is really important to use the language shorter or taller/longer rather than big/small as mathematically this is much more accurate.
  • to measure how heavy something is. We used our hands to feel which item was heavier and again applied this in a sentence: 'The pasta is heavier than the bread sticks.'
  • to use balance scales (built like a see-saw) to talk about the weights of items. Some children have been learning to predict what will happen with the scales: 'The pasta will go down and the bread sticks will go up because the bread sticks are lighter than the pasta.'


Friday 10th March 2017

This week has been very busy! The children have decided that we should learn about the jobs that vets do this week and so we have had all sorts of jobs at independent learning time. We have looked at lots of information books about how to care for animals, cleaned up animals involved in an oil spill and done some pretending in the vets.

In our maths time this week we have been learning:

  • to describe 3D shapes and talk about whether they roll or slide. 
  • the words 'second' 'minute' and 'hour'. We have had a competition to see how many things we can do in one minute!
  • to talk about odd and even numbers
Library Books
There are some children who seem to not have their library book in school. If it is lost please can you let us know so that we can organise a new one for them.

This week there is no homework sheet to go with our new digraph 'ee'. If you would like, you could do some ee writing at home, otherwise there's plenty of blending and tricky word practice. 

Sunday 26th February 2017

This week we have been learning about the jobs that our doctors and nurses do. The children have had a great time dressing up as doctors and nurses and treating patients in their 'clinic' and even doing 'home visits'! 

This coming week it is Face to Face week and in our letter to you we requested you sign up on the sheet in the school office. If for whatever reason you have not signed up yet, please can you sign up on Monday morning. Thank you.

On Thursday it is World Book Day. There is more information to be found on this in our newsletter, but just as a reminder, please can your child come to school in their pyjamas. If they would like to also bring slippers, they can change into them once we get inside. Also, we will be finding out about their favourite storybook, so please can they bring that to school with them- make sure you write their name inside the front cover so that it doesn't get mixed up with anyone else's. Thank you.

Sunday 5th February 2017

 This week we have been learning lots about Chinese New Year. The children have been very careful with some real, fragile Chinese artefacts and these have really inspired them and peaked their interest. In the picture collage below you can see some of the learning that has taken place this week.

 In Maths this week the children have been learning to make teen numbers:

Using their toes to make 10 and their fingers to show the 'some more' ( we refer to 17, for example as 10 and 7 more ) * fund teen numbers on the numberline * wrote addition sentences (10 + 4 = 14) for teen numbers and some children are ready to work out the missing value: 10 + * = 14 / * + 4 = 14

On Wednesday we are looking forward to our Valentine's Disco. Information on this and on other diary dates including half term can be found on your weekly Newsletter.

Tuesday 31st January 2017

Just a reminder that it is school photographs tomorrow. Please can all children be dressed in full uniform- this includes a tie, the correct colour socks/tights and hair accessories (these should be blue please). We look forward to seeing you all looking very smart tomorrow. 

Saturday 29th January 2017

The fundraising for the Animal Hospital has now finished. Thank you for your kind donations. The school council were successful in raising over £100 for the charity. The winner of the colouring competition will be chosen next week. Can we take this opportunity to remind you that any money that is sent to school, no matter how small the amount, should be in a named purse/wallet or named envelope not loose. Thank you for your help with this.


This week in our maths time we have been learning about :
 'less' : finding the number that is one less with our fingers * finding the number that is one less on a numberline * using pennies to count out an amount and then taking one away * playing 'one less' bingo * acting out The Wheels on the Bus where a passenger gets off each time * recording

Our learning about 'Police Officers' has been very successful and the children have really enjoyed engaging with these learning opportunities. Take a look at the photocollage below to see some of the learning that has taken place this week. Also, don't forget to look out on Tapestry for comments about individual/small group learning. 

After learning about Chinese New Year in our Floor Book time on Friday, the children have requested we 'pause' our learning about the Police and spend the week exploring how people celebrate Chinese New Year. We have had some great ideas from the children, from using chopsticks to making lanterns, from painting dragons to cooking Chinese food.


Friday 20th January 2017

The fundraising for the Animal Hospital will be continuing next week on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. If your child would like to help with the fundraising they can bring in some money for a cake or biscuit, colouring page or raffle ticket. Please see last week's entry below for more details. Please note- only money sent in named envelopes/wallets/purses can be spent. It makes it really difficult when money comes to school loose, or in just a freezer bag or blank envelope- we could potentially have 60 of these. Thanks for your help with this.


This week in our maths time we have been learning about :
'more' and 'less' : finding the number that is one more with our fingers * finding the number that is one more on a numberline * using pennies to count out an amount and then adding one more * playing 'one more' bingo

Each week the children have the opportunity to think about what they would like to learn about at school. By involving the children in our planning process, they are so enthusiastic about their learning as the ideas come from them. The children had some great ideas last week from learning about hedgehogs to learning about special celebrations around the World. 

After we wrote down our ideas we then looked to see if we could group them, by putting all of the like ones together and then we looked to see if we could make any links between the groups. We worked out that the topic of 'jobs' covered many, if not all of our ideas.

This week we have started learning a little bit about the jobs of police officers, their uniform and their motorcyles and traffic cars. 

Today we enjoyed a Floor Book session where the children have shared their ideas about things we could build, paint, make and pretend next week all about police officers.

Friday 13th January 2017
This week in our maths time we are learning about :
SHAPE- recognising and naming 2D shapes - talking about their properties (ie, it has four straight sides, all the same length) - using shapes to make pictures depending on their properties - using shapes to complete and create patterns
MONEY- recognising coins from the value of 1p up to a 2 pound coin - talking about their properties (ie. it is a silver coin and has one curved side that goes all of the way around. It has a lion wearing a crown and a number ten on it.) - use 1p coins to pay for an item in the 'shop'

There are a few competitions running in school at the moment. 
The first has been organised by Sustrans, the company we work closely with for our bikes and Active Travel scheme. The prize is a scooter! All you have to do is send in a photograph of your child on their own bike or scooter outside riding in some wintery weather- the colder the better! The best picture of a child all wrapped up against the cold on their bike or scooter will win! Please send your photos in Reading Folders and we can hand them in and make sure they are named and also include your child's class. Alternatively, you could email them to the secretary/school office who will ping them to me and I can print them for you and hand them in.
The second is a colouring competition organised by our School Council. As you may have read in the newsletter, we are raising money for a number of charities throughout the year, as decided by our School Council. At the moment we are raising money for the Animal Hospital in Scorrier and from Monday there will be a colouring competition to help raise funds. If your child would like to take part, please send them to school with 25p in a named wallet/purse/envelope next week. There will also be biscuits and buns on sale for 25p and cake for 50p. Each morning I will be collecting in these purses and storing them in a box on my desk and the children will have the chance to make their purchase each day. It is very, very important that the money comes to school in a named wallet/purse/envelope and not loose in their hand or pocket and this will get lost.

Thank you to so many of you that have used the Christmas holidays to help to develop your child's reading skills. I'm delighted to inform you that lots of the children are now reading books with words and those that aren't yet are very close! 

Before Christmas we had a request from one parent for some guidance/advice/tips/information on phonics and early reading. I asked on the website if any other parents were interested in a short meeting on this topic and requested you make contact with me. No other parents have contacted me, so I have assumed that all parents are happy to support their child in their reading, which is great. If however, you would like more information but had forgotten to make contact with me, I have made a guide of how we would encourage you to support your child with the different types of books the children are able to read at the moment. I hope you find this helpful and if you require anymore information about this, phonics or any other aspect of your child's learning please do not hesitate to contact either of us.
After Star Books (books without words) this is the first reading book your child will receive. These books have short, repetitive sentences/phrases. How to use the book- tell your child the first sentence in the book and encourage them to point to each word as you say it. Explain this will appear again and again in this book. Encourage your child to work out the word that changes each time (in the book in the photograph it is the animal) by looking at the initial sound and the pictures in the book. Please be aware that most of the words in this book are too tricky for your child to segment and blend on their own. This is not the purpose of these first books.
These pink books with the letters 'ph' on the sticker are the next books your child will receive. These books are completely phonically decodable and your child should be able to sound out the words and blend them back together without much support from you. How to use the book- encourage your child to point to each letter in the word and say the sound aloud then blend them together to read the word. Once they have decoded the whole sentence ask them to read it back to aid and develop their fluency. If they incorrectly read a sound, correct them (for example if they say b instead of d) and if they blend the sounds together but can't hear the word, please say the sounds for them, running them together so that they can hear the word it makes. Also, enjoy listening to them and be patient- this is really hard for them and they may need a little time to think.

As your child's reading develops further, they will move onto red books with 'ph' marked on the sticker. These books are largely phonically decodable but also contain tricky words (which can't be sounded out). Some will also contain sounds we have not learnt yet such as ch, sh and th. How to use the book: By this point your child will be a more confident reader and may forget to point to each sound as they read. Please continue to remind them to do this as once we start to learn digraphs (two letters that make one sound) and trigraphs (three letters that make one sound) pointing to each sound will help them to identify these trickier sounds. It also will help their tracking. Allow your child to sound out each letter and if they come to a sound we haven't learnt at school like 'qu' (as in quick) tell them the sound it makes if you are able. Then allow them to work out the word. If they come to a tricky word we haven't taught yet, please tell them what that word says as they will be unable to sound it out.

Happy Reading !

As an incentive to get our children to read every night to a grown up and as a reward for doing so, we give out Reading Keyrings. This is something the whole school does and we find it works extremely well. Reading Keyrings are a small keyring which is to be stored on your child's Reading Folder handle. They are awarded to children who read at home to a grown up at least 4 times a week, every single week, during term time and school holidays. We are mindful that there are occasions when it is impossible to read, such as times when your child is ill and absent from school, and take this into consideration. Some of the children have been reading books for a little while now and we have reviewed the Reading Diaries to make a note of who we can award a Reading Keyring to. We have spoken to the children about this and explained what they need to do to be awarded with one. If your child has only recently started reading a book with words, they won't receive a keyring yet, to provide them with a bit more of an opportunity to read at home. We will be awarding some more children with Reading Keyrings just before half term, then again just before the Easter holidays and then again before the Summer half term and then Summer holidays. The keyrings are awarded by Mr Hick in our Friday Celebration Assembly.

You may have noticed that all entries to this area of our website, from the beginning of September until December, have vanished. I'm afraid this was a technical problem and all of that information has gone. Should there be anything from these entries you wish me to repost, please let me know.


Threemilestone Primary