Headteacher: Ms Suzannah Teagle

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Friday 10th November

Half term seems so long ago! Well done everyone, another super week. We learned lots of new sounds and the children are really getting to grips with their phonics now. Keep practising with them using their sounds books, it makes a huge impact if they have very short but regular practise. Similarly with numbers, any help recognising the numbers 1-10 in particular is really helpful. 

We have been learning about how to throw and catch during PE this week. The learning culminated in a spirited game of dodge ball! I was really surprised at how many awesome dodge-ballers we have in reception class. Mr Robinson really tried hard to get Amelia but she was just too good! Well played! 

While we are talking about PE, any practise the children can get at doing and un-doing buttons will give them a really big help when they change for PE and likely give them more exercise time. 

I would also like the make a shout out for name tags. Please can you check your child has names, clearly written on their jumpers, shirts, trousers and PE kit.

Next week is anti-bullying week and we will be looking at lots of exciting things to do with acceptance and team-building as well as understanding that we are all different but everyone is equal. 

Have a great weekend, see you on Monday! 

Monday 30th October

We hope you all had a fantastic half term! Just a quick reminder that we are back to school tomorrow (Tuesday 31st) and we can't wait to hear all about what your children got up to over the break! We have gone live with Tapestry and it has been brilliant to see so many people uploading home learning for us to see. It is a great tool and works well as a way of showing us home leaning. If your account is not yet active please see Mr Robinson when you can with your email address written down (please write it as clearly as possible as some were a bit tricky to read) to hand.


Thursday 19th October

We made it to half term! Well done everyone, we have had such a brilliant term so far, the children have been made super progress and we have thoroughly enjoyed learning with them!

We have had another great week with lots of exciting things happening. First we met a real-life Policeman, PC Beckett was really helpful and taught us all about his utility vest and special Police equipment. This was great for us because it helped us learn about the 'p' sound. After that we learned all about 'm' by running a mini marathon around the playground. The children were all superb and showed great running skills and stamina to run for such a long time!

Lastly... don't forget there is NO SCHOOL this Friday the 20th, nor is there school on the Monday the 30th. Please have a look at the blending books and practise with the children as much as you can as it will really help them. Stay positive if they are finding it hard as it is very tricky. Have an amazing week and we look forward to seeing you all on the Tuesday 31st!! 

Friday 13th October

We will all need a break after such a busy week! The children have been fantastic, showing some lovely behaviour and kindness between friends. Firstly we had Harvest festival on Tuesday, everyone did a great job and thoroughly enjoyed performing to the rest of the school and parents. We have learned two more new sounds, 'e' and 'n' so ask your child to teach you at home. It as also been a great week for maths as both classes have had some exciting lessons involving counting and estimating (Clever guessing). We have also started learning to blend and segment which has been really tricky but good fun. Overall a smashing week, well done everyone!

We are still aiming to get Tapestry up and running before the holiday however we are still awaiting meetings with one or two parents. Don't forget it's 'wear what you like' on Thursday and NO school on Friday 20th. 

Have a great weekend, see you Monday! 


Friday 6th October

Firstly I would like to thank all the adults who came to one of our meetings this week, we really appreciate it. We hope to go live with Tapestry before half term so you can start seeing the great learning that your children are getting up to! 

We have had another super week with some smashing learning. In maths we have been practicing our counting and trying to use the language 'fewer' or 'less than' and 'more' when talking about two groups of objects. We had lots of fun exploring the maths resources independently which will hopefully give the children a chance to create their own strategies to solve problems.

In phonics we have been learning two new sounds, 't' and 'i'. See if your child can find some words that start with one of the sounds we have covered so far. (s, a, t, i).

We have been so lucky with the weather that we managed to get outside to do some PE this week. The children were fantastic and showed great attention and followed instructions carefully. Football was amazing and I think we have some stars in the making in the cohort! We almost challenged the year 2's to a game but thought better of it! 

Thank you all for your continuing support, have a magnificent weekend and we will see you all on Monday!

Friday 29th September

Wow! Another brilliant week everyone! Well done to all the reception children, it is always difficult to go into full time school and the EYFS team are so proud to be learning with your children, they have been epic this week! We have learned our first two sounds, 's' and 'a'. The children were really excited to stick them into their sounds books! Please ask them to show you how good they are at making the new sounds when they bring them home. We were also lucky enough to get a visit from our friend Lester the ambulance driver. A huge thank you to Lester for taking time out to come and show the boys and girls all the amazing gadgets that he uses to make people feel better. We even had a go at lifting Mr Main with the special stretcher!

Well done to all the adults who managed to make it to our Curriculum & Tapestry meeting on Wednesday evening. It's really important that everyone has the chance to attend so Mrs Lobb and Mr Robinson will be running two more meetings to give those parents/carers another opportunity to get that information. We will be running one session on Wednesday the Wednesday 4th October at 2.45pm and on Friday the 6th at 8.00am. Please make every effort to come, thank you. 

Have a lovely weekend everyone and see you all next week!  

Friday 22nd September

What a fantastic week! Creative arts week has been so much fun in Early Years. We had a great time making Arcimboldo 'self portrait' collages using the fresh fruit and vegetables (very big thank you for providing them to us). We looked at Albert Irvin and abstract artwork, leading to some exciting outdoor roller painting! We have really got stuck into daily drawing where everyone has shown a huge improvement in only the short time we have been practising, so well done team! We are also very pleased to say that the children are settling into the lunchtime routine in a positive way and despite a few bumps have been showing exemplary behavior in the playground.

Next week we will be starting some new learning so have a super relaxing weekend and see you all on Monday!!


Friday 15th September

Well done everyone! We made it through week 2! Another super week of learning together. We enjoyed story time, ICT, some fantastic PE and many more exciting things which you will all be able to see very soon on Tapestry! 

Next week is our Creative Arts Week which will involve both reception classes. We will be working as a group on class painting projects and exploring various ways we can use paint and mark make. 

We look forward to seeing you all very soon for our Tapestry introduction meeting, until then feel free to talk to Mr Robinson or Mrs Lobb if you have any queries about your child's learning. 

Have a great weekend, see you all Monday! 

Friday 8th September

Firstly welcome to Threemilestone School! The children who have started this week have been absolutely amazing! We have done masses of learning and had a bucket load of fun along the way. We started the week finding out all about the different parts of the classroom (and where all the fun toys were kept!) After that we did some maths, counting and recognising numbers. We had an great time changing for PE which reminds me, if your child isn't that confident at changing on their own, try and encourage them to have a go before you help them as it will give them a big boost when it comes to them doing it in class. Finally due to the bad weather today we were unable to go outside for bikes and scooters :( however we stayed in the dry and did some fun work on the iPads with Mr Robinson and some awesome music with Mrs Lobb. We have all thoroughly enjoyed getting to know your children, they are a super bunch! We look forward to next week where we can really get stuck into some super learning. Have a really lovely weekend, see you all on Monday! 

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