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Threemilestone School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all children. We have signed up to Operation Encompass.

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Phonic teaching is an important part of literacy skills. We aim to teach children fluent word reading skills and proved a good foundation in spelling.

Phonic teaching involves showing children the sounds of letters (not the letter names) and how these sounds can be blended together to make words. E.g. The word ‘cat’ is a decodable word because the letter sounds can be blended together. c - a - t → cat

We teach phonics using a government scheme called ‘Letters and Sounds’. This is organised into six phonic phases which your child progresses through as their reading ability improves.

Phase 1 - Children learn rhymes, keep rhythms and start to relate letter sounds to words. E.g. b for bag.

Phase 2 - Children learn initial letter sounds and build 3 letter words.

Phase 3 - Children learn all 44 phonemes and blend sounds to read words

Phase 4 - Children blend consonants together to read difficult words e.g. blue, grab.

Phase 5 - Children learn how to spell letter sounds in more than one way e.g. rain, day, make and also how different spelling patterns can make different sounds.

Phase 6 - Children learn rules for spelling and how to add suffixes to words: E.g. turned, beautiful, shopping. They also explore words like homophones (their/there/they’re).

Each lesson will be planned with the use of visual, auditory and physical movements to help the children learn new phonic skills. Jolly Phonic actions are used to help teach phonics especially at phase 1, 2 & 3.

Alongside teaching phonics we will teach the children to read and spell decodable words and tricky words.            

Decodable words = the letter sounds can be blended together e.g. p - a - n → pan

Tricky words = individual letter sounds do not create the word e.g. the, was

In your child’s reading folder you will receive a purple book which contains decodable ‘blending words’ and yellow ‘tricky words’. Using this book as well as frequently supporting your child with their ‘reading book’ is invaluable in ensuring they make good progress in their phonic learning.

The Early Years Team hold regular parent information meetings, when appropriate, to equip parents with the knowledge to support early Literacy skills. If in doubt, please speak to your child’s teacher.

Some websites that support reading, writing and phonics learning are as follows;

Oxford Owl

Teach Your Monster to Read

Phonics Play


Education City- this website has to be accessed via 'My First Place' as the school pay a subscription fee (please ask your child's teacher if you need any help with this.)


In maths we strive to enable children to gain a real and hands-on understanding of number, shape, space and measures. Through practical experiences of playing games or setting challenges, children learn mathematical vocabulary and new skills. Children have an adult-led maths session daily where they work in a smaller group that matches the pitch and pace of their learning style. On top of this, children access play-based mathematical learning experiences in ‘choosing time.’


Some useful maths websites for Early Years children;


BBC- Schools: Early Years Foundation Stage

Top Marks

Education City- this website has to be accessed via 'My First Place' as the school pay a subscription fee (please ask your child's teacher if you need any help with this.)

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