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From the Head

With 4 and a half school days left of this academic year, we are starting to draw everything to a close. We are really missing the usual energy of sports days, discos, performances, rock concerts: all those occasions bringing the school together with energy and enthusiasm, reminding us why our school is something special to be part of. Next week, all classes will have a final Zoom to ensure that everyone gets the opportunity to see their friends, teachers and support staff for one last time before the summer break. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our staff for the hard work and commitment in this really challenging period. We have all learnt to work in new ways and have been constantly questioning and challenging ourselves in making the right decision for all our families. None of us came into our jobs to work at home and communicate with children virtually, and this period has confirmed for us all how much we value those special human interactions and relationships. Learning cannot happen without them! 

We are currently finalising the next part of the recovery plan for September. It is absolutely crucial that we think of every eventuality and ensure that the relevant risk assessments are in place, so that we are confident that all children are able to return to school in September with systems and procedures in place to mitigate risks of infection, whilst ensuring that the children experience the stimulating, team-based, aspirational and relevant curriculum they deserve – and are entitled to.   

As always, our intention is to be as thorough and transparent as possible. Inevitably, this will mean that a rather lengthy document will be emailed to you early next week! We want to be as clear as possible, so that you are able to visualise exactly what September looks like so that you can return your children to us with confidence and excitement.  


Suzannah Teagle, Headteacher

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Important Updates

All ‘bubbles’ are now at capacity, catering for 195 children. We cannot take any more children: we do not have capacity in physical space, or staffing. We are able to create a waiting list, in case any children feel that learning at home suits their family more and drop out.
Last Day of Term for everyone including key workers is Friday 17th July 2020, finishing this usual pick up between 1130 and 1230.
If your child is attending school please remember to send them in wearing school uniform and with named sun cream and sun hat. Thank you.

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