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What a fantastic week back after a restful half term, and what a way to start the second half of the year! Our celebration of everything Cornwall has started with our whole school attempt to make scones over the next 2 weeks, and we have been involved in an incredible production celebrating the Cornish mining heritage: The Cornish Caretakers. Ed Rowe’s (Kernow King) incredibly immersive learning experience captured the interests of our young historians. As well as a wonderful performance, some year groups also enjoyed a Cornish board game created by Ed – Mines and Ladders! With fun, laughter and engagement we have had a fantastic 2 days: Thank you Ed, Mimi and Dave.

We have a massive thank you to Spar and Tescos for their donations of ingredients towards our mammoth scone making, which we will all get to experience during our celebration on 5th


Next week we are looking forward to working with Will Keating, local author Alasdair Hoswell, being involved with The Lady Time Traveller and watching a puppet show. These exciting opportunities have only been made possible through the hard work of the PTFA and the events they hold for our TMS community to raise funds – thank you!

Suzannah Teagle, Headteacher

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