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And finally the sun comes out as we finish our first week of the summer term! It has been great to get out onto the field and see the delight in our children as they play and learn in the lovely weather! We have embraced our new summer term curriculum with enthusiasm and energy, and walking through the school, it has been exciting to see textiles, geographical fieldwork, historical sources, tennis … the list goes on! Already the reading champs have met and agreed their job descriptions for the summer term, and others have been nicely hassling us to buy more of their favourite books! We have also had a Year 4 Benchball festival and started the transition process with Richard Lander, inviting Mr Brokenshire, Miss Filkins and Mrs Beech spending time with our Y6s this afternoon.

We have also had successful interviews this week where the PALS were incredibly helpful in appointing our new teachers. At the end of this academic year, Mrs Brown (Y6 Mrs Brown!) will be leaving to enjoy retirement and travel the world, Mrs Vale will be leaving to spend more time with her family, and Miss Smith will be leaving to pursue new adventures! We also have exciting news in that Mrs Webb and Miss Andrew will not be returning in September .. as they will be at home rather busy with their babies! Both will start their maternity leaves in September and will return at some point in 2025. Miss Grubb, who has returned after her maternity leave for 3 days a week, will be returning full time, working alongside Mr Knight in EYFS in September. The TMS team is expanding by the arrival of our new assistant head Mrs Jerome-Snell, who will be starting after half term, and will be teaching in Year 6 next year alongside Mr Wake and our new appointments, Miss Dawe and Miss Adams, both currently in schools out of county, will be starting in September. Staffing in EYFS and Year 6 have been confirmed, and we will obviously let you know when the rest of the staffing team placements have been agreed. These are really exciting times ahead for TMS!

As always, we are always so grateful for your support and it is privilege working with our amazing families to get the best outcomes for our brilliant children. Thank you!

Have a lovely weekend!

Ms Teagle

Suzannah Teagle, Headteacher

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