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Where learning is fuelled by creativity

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Where everyone is welcome

Nurturing talents, encouraging voices and embracing difference. We make sure that everybody is included, supported, valued and free to be themselves. In our community, everyone belongs.

Where learning is fuelled by creativity

Exciting topics, real-world adventures, the great outdoors and our wider community – we use all these and more to inspire curiosity and wonder. We build the confidence to ask questions, challenge ourselves, use initiative and become eager to seek out more.

Where great things happen

Small steps, fantastic feats and extraordinary efforts. Individual and shared. Sporting, musical, academic or social. Whatever shape or size, we encourage and celebrate all successes with passion and pride.

Join us, and let’s see what’s possible

I feel privileged to be the headteacher of such a welcoming and inclusive school, and because each of our children are unique, I am excited every day to watch each one learn, grow and thrive.

This section contains everything you need to know when you’re considering applying for a place here, and what happens when your child is due to join us. If you’d like to visit us, or if you’d like more information, please do get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

Suzannah Teagle, Headteacher

Apply for a place

All admissions to Threemilestone School are managed by the Admissions team at Cornwall Council.

If you’d like to apply for a place at Threemilestone School, the best place to start is on the admissions page on the Cornwall Council website, where you’ll find information about choosing a school, and details of their admissions policy and oversubscription criteria.

You can also contact the admissions team on 0300 1234 101 or

Appealing if your child has not been allocated a place

We are full in a number of our year groups. If you have applied for a place at Threemilestone but your child has not been allocated one, you can choose to submit an appeal. Details of how to do this are on the appeals process page on the Cornwall Council website. CLICK HERE

DFE School admissions code 2021

TPAT Admissions Policy – 2022-23

TPAT Admissions Policy – 2023-24

Visiting Threemilestone School

We are very happy for families to visit the school to get to know us and see if Threemilestone is the right school for your child. To make an appointment to visit the school, please get in touch with the office team or Ms Teagle, Headteacher on 01872 263322 or

Preparing to join us in September 2024

We can’t wait to welcome new children to our Early Years classes this September!

Our induction period starts right now … and finishes when your child is settled.

Starting school is a really big part of any child’s and parent’s life and we always like to make the experience as smooth as possible for you both. At Threemilestone School we strongly believe that good communication is key, so we are keen for you to get to know us properly before your child even starts with us! 

We have set out our transition plans to guide you through every step of the way!

Step 1:

Telephone call from the school

We will telephone you to introduce ourselves, have an initial conversation and find out about your child’s preschool experiences. It is really important to gather as much information as possible about your child so that the transition is smooth! You will also have the opportunity to sign up for a time for the meeting described in Step 3, so have your diaries ready!


Step 2:

Open visit  

This is an opportunity for you and your child to pop in and visit Threemilestone School, have a look around the classrooms and meet some of the staff. We will also confirm your ‘step 3’ meeting times and rearrange if necessary!

 Step 3:

Individual meetings for parents/carers and children to meet teachers

These meetings withboth class teachers will take place  in school. During these meetings, there is an opportunity to share information about your child: what they enjoy doing, what they find tricky, what their self-care skills are like, any potential areas we need to know about. This is also a time to share any information about additional needs and family set ups.

Step 4:

Zoom meeting

This meeting will include what you are able to do to prepare your child for starting school, how important the partnership between home and school is, which class your child will be in, and general information such as uniform, lunches, the remaining induction period, funding, and timetable of the day. The Zoom invite will be on the dates section of the school website.

Step 5:

‘Stay and Play’ Day 1

On this first session, parents/carers are welcome to join your child by visiting the classroom – no younger siblings please! You will be welcomed to come into the EYFS classrooms and once you have seen your child settle and start playing (after about 15 mins) you are very welcome to join other parents/carers in the hall for a cup of tea!

‘Stay and Play’ Day 2

Now that you know the routine and what the classrooms are like, in this session you will be able to drop your child at the classroom door, just like when they start school, and collect them again at 11.15 from the external doors of the EYFS classroom.

Step 6:

‘Drop in’

On this day, you and your child are welcome to ‘drop in’ to school together and re-familiarise yourselves with the classroom. No need to wear a uniform as you both will just be ‘dropping in’. Please bring wellies in a named carrier bag and PE kits to hang on pegs ready for starting school next week! If you can avoid 12.30-1 we would appreciate it as then we can have a quick lunch break!

Step 7:

Starting school!


Once again, I would like to thank you for choosing Threemilestone School for your child and we are looking forward to welcoming your family to our school to be part of something very special!

Ms Teagle



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