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16th July 2020 in Headteacher's Update

What a year!

What seemed like an exciting start to the 2019-2020 year, ended in a way none could have ever imagined. We know that everyone in our school community has developed skills they never knew they had in the last 5 months – as parents, teachers, Governors and children, we have discovered a whole host of emotions, as well as new skills and talents. As a result of this time, we may have parents desperate to start a teacher training course, teachers that may develop a sideline in comedy sketches, children who could win the British Bake Off and Governors who have got so excited about reading guidance, they may change to a career in policy writing!

As staff, we cannot put into words how grateful we are for the support our families have given us. You have shown patience, understanding and kindness, as we have learned how to develop new aspects of communication. The reason we came into teaching was to develop exciting relationships with children – human interaction, and we have been missing this so much! Thank you also for your kind emails, cards and gifts. They mean so much and we count ourselves privileged to be part of your children’s lives.   

A massive thank you to our staff and Governors for the hard work. You have developed different roles, taught in different year groups (a special mention to Mr Rutterford and Mr Bagley!), developed online learning skills, read far too many recovery plans and guidance documents and been incredibly flexible and positive throughout: it is an absolute joy to ‘work’ at TMS! Miss Hawken and Mrs Weston – thank you: you have managed to keep one step ahead in the most challenging times. 

It is always a sad time at this point in the year as we say goodbye to members of staff who have shown years of commitment and made such a positive impact on children’s lives: Mrs Senior, Mrs Martin, Mrs Bolt, Mr Szymanek and Mr Kellow – thank you and we wish you well on the next part of your adventure in your life journey! We welcome Miss Wallis, Miss Grubb, Miss Body, Mrs Preston, Mrs Kellow and Mrs Winter to our team – have a look on our website to learn more about our new members of staff!

Year 6s – it has been an absolute joy! Your journey has been full of laughter, adventure and energy. We wish you every happiness for the future. You are all so special and we have learnt so much from you. Dream big, work hard, show your determination … and you’ll get where you want to be. Above all, be kind, show integrity and be you.

We wish you all a restful summer. We can only hope that September brings more normality, so that we are able to meet with friends, have adventures and make memories. We will keep you updated over the summer with any changes relevant to our September start. 

Please take care of yourselves and stay safe

Ms Teagle

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