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EYFS week beginning 1.4.19

5th April 2019 in Uncategorized

Our new digraph this week was ur.


In Maths we continued to learn about taking away and we explored the fact that when we add, numbers get bigger / more / higher, whereas when we take away the number gets smaller / less / smaller.


We had a lovely Star morning where we were participating in activities that were fun, team building, building resilience and encouraging inventiveness. We certainly managed all those.


Have a fabulous Easter holiday. Try to find some time to have a little look at  Sounds books and Blending books.  Please please please practice reading with your child, every day if you can – those reading muscles go to sleep very quickly if they do not get used! We have put an additional page of “Reading diary” in your child’s book bag. The children who have got lots of reading recorded on their “diary” when we come back to school, will get additional star tokens – no pressure!!

See you all on Tuesday 23rd April.

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