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EYFS week beginning 13.5.19

17th May 2019 in Uncategorized

I don’t expect any of you have heard about the enormous excitement that has happened in EYFS this week!

Our eggs hatched, and we have all been very proud parents of 5 beautiful Leghorn chicks. They are leaving us today to return to the farm where they will be joining a large flock of free range chickens and they will have a very happy life. I hope that you and your children enjoy the photos.

We have been writing about chicks, sketching chicks, painting chicks, drawing and labelling diagrams of chicks and reading books about chicks all week. We are still enjoying the story of Chicken Licken and we made finger puppets of all the characters in the story, as well as learning to tell the story from a story map.


In other news, the beans and potatoes are flourishing ( the beans will be coming to your houses next week), all of the caterpillars are chrysalides now (hopefully we will have some butterflies next week to adore).

In phonics we learned the trigraph “ure”, as in manure, picture and mixture.

In maths we have been exploring number bonds, volume and capacity and symmetry.

On Friday morning, all of our Star teams earned their “planets” with their star tokens and so they were all entitled to a Planet prize. We had a proper election – the children chose 8 learning¬† activities that they would enjoy, and the whole year group voted until we had chosen the 4 most popular activities. These were

  • Bikes and scooters
  • Kitchen play – in mud, pasta, water, rice and sand
  • Football, skipping and running on the field
  • A cartoon (about Foghorn Leghorn) with a small bowl of popcorn.

We hope that you have found your letters about our trip on June 4th – please return them as soon as possible.

Have a lovely weekend.

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