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17th May 2020 in Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6
Ça va?
This week we have some activities using the French alphabet, as well as a colouring challenge!
I have attached some files to help you:
-An alphabet sheet with the phonetic pronunciations
-A sound file with the alphabet in French
-The alphabet song we have used in class
and then
-The alphabet activity sound file Comment ça s’écrit?
-The colouring challenge
First, practise the alphabet using the alphabet sheet and listening to the sound file and song.
Once you are feeling confident, have a go at spelling out your name and the names of the people you live with.
Do you remember the question Comment ça s’écrit? It means ‘How do you spell it/that?’ Listen to the sound file ‘Comment ça s’écrit?’ and see if you can work out what I am spelling for you- there are 10 words, some are French and some are English. Remember you can always listen to it more than once.
For the last alphabet activity, try teaching the French alphabet to someone you live with, then ask them some comment ça s’écrit questions or get them to ask you some.
Finally, have a go at the colouring challenge, instructions are on the sheet.
Have a great week and look forward to seeing you soon.

French Alphabet pdf

colouring challenge

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