Welcome to Year 3

Where learning is fuelled by creativity

What to expect in Year 3

Being the first year group in Key Stage 2 (Juniors), this is the year where children get used to new routines and new ways of learning. We put all our knowledge learned in the Infants and are ready to grow in resilience and show a more mature attitude towards our learning, but we still try and be playful in everything we do!

Nine Ashes Activity Camp – CANCELLED

The camp will run from Wednesday 29th April 2020 to Friday 1st May 2020 with each class doing a 2 day, 1 night stay.

Bissoe class is going on 29th April returning 30th April.

Kynance class 30th April returning on 1st May 2020.

The children will be sleeping indoors and there are modern toilet facilities. The children will learn to live together as a team and take part in activities. We all know what it is like being away from home from our ‘Sleeping with Sharks last year’, now it is time for a night away on camp!

Cost: £93.00

Year 3 camp 2020 first letter

Year 3 camp 2020 letter

Year 3 Parent Information meeting: Monday 23rd March 2020 – 3.20pm Main Hall.

Support your child’s learning at home

Homelearning grids

Y3 Homelearning Autumn 2019


Your child should be reading every night – aloud to an adult as well as starting to read to themselves.

Children should have both a non-fiction and fiction reading book on them at all times and please remember to sign the reading record when you hear them read!


Spellings are assessed on a daily basis through games and in their writing, and it’s great to practice these at home whenever you get the opportunity too.


Download and print Y3 statutory spelling list



Learning and rehearsing basic maths at home is time very well spent. Good things to practise include:

  • Learning basic facts (numbers to equal 10, 20 and 100)
  • Double and halves.
  • Times tables – we hope that children are able to recall the multiplication and division facts for the 2, 5, 10, 3, 4 and 8 times tables by the time they leave Year 3.

STAR Learning at home

Your child will be given a STAR learning homework grid at the start of each term, with a range of project-based learning activities for your child to do at home. This is to give all children the opportunity to shine and get excited by learning, in whichever area their strengths are. You can help as much or as little as you like – even grannies and grandads can get involved!

We ask children to bring in their STAR learning throughout the term so that we can celebrate and share it in the class. Many star learning projects are so brilliant they even get a Head Teacher’s Award which will mean five additional tokens for their team class award.



School closure - general learning activities

It is really important that all children remain learning in the time when we are not at school. Retention of learning is crucial: if we don’t use it, we lose it!

We would recommend that where possible, children have structure throughout the day and choose as many activities from the list below as it possible. If you would like to complete other learning activities, please do!



Home Learning Projects
Have a look at the section above and have a go at some more projects!

Obviously all children are different, having a variety of strengths and areas to develop. You may need to break these tasks down and offer them more support, or challenge them further.

If you have a garden, get outside as much as possible. Look at the different leaves and flowers – try some sketching or write a poem. Use our wonderful natural environment to develop curiosity.

On return to school, all teachers would love to see what you have got up to at home, but also, feel free to mark anything at home – children love instant feedback!

In the ‘Discovery’ section of the website, you will find additional websites to support your child’s learning.


Year 3 Home Learning Pack Guidance and Answers

Activity Book KS2 Year 3 Practical Ideas (1)

Year 3 Home Learning Pack (1)


Text types – newspaper articles – writing plan

Text types – newspaper articles – teacher’s notes

Text types – newspaper articles – success criteria

Text types – newspaper articles – notes and quotes

Y3 and Y4 Spelling wordsearch with answers

Y3 and Y4 Spelling wordsearch with words

Y3 and Y4 Spelling wordsearch without words

Text types – newspaper articles – model texts

Y3 and Y4 Spelling Word List

Teacher Notes

Year 3 grammar revision worksheets

homophones year 3 and 4 worksheet

idioms worksheet

spelling revision worksheets Y3 and 4

blank tarsia template

Y3 grammar tarsia – no model sentences – puzzle 1

Y3 grammar tarsia – no model sentences – puzzle 2

Y3 grammar tarsia – no model sentences – puzzle 3

Y3 grammar tarsia – puzzle 1

Y3 grammar tarsia – puzzle 2

Y3 grammar tarsia – puzzle 3

Y3 grammar tarsia – teacher’s answer sheets

Y3 grammar tarsia – teacher’s notes

upskilling and improving sentences writing features


School closure - Weekly learning suggestions

In addition to the general learning activities, here is a more structured timetable week by week. Please keep in contact with us by email: year3homelearning@threemilestone.cornwall.sch.uk

We will be missing you and we are looking forward to you contacting us with your amazing learning.

Week beginning 13.7.20 CLICK HEREYear 3 13th July

Hello year 3s,
We just wanted to let you know that we have loved teaching and supporting you with your learning. Thank you very much for sharing your home learning with us. We have loved hearing what you have been up to at home and seeing the pictures of your home learning. We hope you have a lovely summer and will look forward to seeing you around the school next year.
Miss King and Mr Bagley

Week beginning 6.7.20 CLICK HERE Year 3 6th July

Week beginning 29.6.20.CLICK HERE Year 3 29th June

Week beginning 22.6.20 CLICK HERE year 3 22nd June

Pirate job roles

2, 5, 10 TTRS

3, 4, 8 TTRS

Week beginning 15.6.20 CLICK HEREyear 3 15th June

pirate ships

Exciting CODE MATHS – Y3 CODE Fluency Week 8 – Understanding 27 and 35

Year 3 3s ,4s ,8s

Year 3 2s, 5s ,10s

Remember all the other learning idea on the  previous section “General Learning activities” as well as the Y3/4 spelling lists to work through on “Support your child’s learning at home” section – use this time wisely to brush up on basic skills … and even dabble in Year 4 learning!

Week beginning 8.6.20 CLICK HERE – year 3 8th June

Treasure map template

Online safety_ thinkuknow-8-10s-home-activity-sheet-5



Week beginning 1.6.20 CLICK HERE – year 3 1st June

Week beginning 25.5.20 CLICK HERE – Half term

We know it is half term, but here are a few things to keep things ticking over IF you want to make use of some ideas. We hope whatever you do this week, you have fun and stay safe! Don’t forget to watch Mr Wake’s RNLI film if you go to the beach on “Staff learning tips > Other”

Week beginning 18.5.20

week 1 ww2 poetry plan

STAR week 7

Maths 18th May

Week beginning 11.5.20

STAR week 6

year 3 week beginning 11.5.20

Multiplication part 1

Week beginning 4.5.20

Time part 2

Friend or Foe week 5

STAR week 5

Week beginning 27.4.20

Friend or Foe Week week 4


STAR learning

Week beginning 20.4. 20

English – Friend or Foe Week 3

STAR Learning – Star Wk 4 Land Army

Maths – maths week 1 subtraction

Week beginning 13.4.20

Maths – telling the time – at any opportunity, please ask your children the time – digital and analogue! – maths time part 1 

STAR LEARNING – FRIEND AND FOE /EVACUEES – Star Tasks Week 3 and Friend or Foe Week 2

Please can you also keep you eye on Ms Teagle’s Daily spelling tips – all children will need to know all these words before they start Year 4. The termly spelling lists  will be put higher on this page later on this week, as well as the statutory spelling lists. Please try and cover these spellings – little and often.


Week beginning 30.3.30 and 6.4.20

KS2 Spring Challenges

Maths: Our focus for the next 2 weeks is addition. Please complete one task per day or every couple of days. CLICK HERE 

English: Friend or Foe

STAR Learning : We are beginning our World War Two STAR learning this week. Please have a go at the following activities:

Find out when World War 2 started and ended. Make a timeline of the key events that took part during the war, including the start and end dates.

Find out why and where World War 2 began and the countries that took part in the war. You might want to draw a world map and label the countries that were involved.

Choose one of the countries that were involved in World War 2 and make a fact file about it.

Have a go at identifying different countries by playing this game https://online.seterra.com/en/vgp/3007

Week beginning 23.3.20

STAR Learning:
Your STAR learning task this week is research and find out about Falmouth’s Pendennis Castle.
Your task is to find out as much as you can about this coastal fortress and find a creative way of presenting it.  Who built it?  Why?  How old is it?  How has it changed over the years?  How has it been used over the years?  Why is it located on Pendennis Point?  What can visitors do there now?
To show what you have found out, you could:
  • design a poster
  • create a non-fiction fact sheet
  • record an imaginary interview with the people responsible for building it
  • Design an advert to attract people
  • Write a diary entry from a day in the life of a soldier living there
You could create a castle of your own – where would you put it?  Why?  Make a map of the layout with a key to explain what each part does.
You could design a coat of arms for a Cornish knight in shining armour to have on his shield – what local features would you include?

Letters sent home and anything you need to know?

Y3 recycled materials letter


The children will be swimming every Friday after Christmas so children will need their costume, a towel, hat and goggles in school with them on a Friday.  There is a £1.20 a week charge to cover the cost of transport to the pool which will be payable via parent pay.



PE will be on Thursdays, but please have your PE kit on you at all times, in case we have an extra lesson!


Any adults to hear readers will be welcomed until 9.10 everyday or if you feel you would like to volunteer in class for a longer period of time that would be great. Please let us know if you are interested in supporting the year group.

Art shirts

If you have any old shirts you could donate to the art shirt box we would be very grateful.


If you have any concerns about your child at all,  please do not hesitate to come in and speak to us. It is always best to talk to us as soon as possible if you or your child are unhappy about anything  as it will enable us to resolve any issues quickly. We have more time available after school than before school to speak to parents, but in an emergency of course pop in anytime.