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What to expect in Year 4

Year 4 is a special year group where the children continue to take control of their own learning in choosing resources, places to work and approaches to tasks.

We provide opportunities for children to develop their own skills but, more importantly, there is the chance for children to develop their collaborative skills to become strong team members who are able to support each other as their learning adventure continues.

To support learning, we also build many ‘first hand’ and practical experiences into the term, such as visits or visitors to the school.

What we’re learning this term

 Year 4 STAR Learning School Curriculum map 2019-2020

Autumn 2019

Y4 Learning Letter Autumn 2019

Spring 2020

Y4 Learning Letter – Maths and English – Spring 1 2020

Y4 Learning Letter – STAR Learning – Spring 1 2020


Spellings strategies are taught regularly at school through games and activities. We also learn topic words in their STAR learning. Children are encouraged to use dictionaries and ‘just have a go’ when exploring new vocabulary choices. At the end of year term we have our very own spelling bee, which will give the children an opportunity to show their spelling knowledge in a fun way.

Y4 Spellings Autumn term 2019

Y4 Spellings Spring Term 1 2020

Y4 Spellings Spring Term 2 2020

Outdoor Adventures at the Delaware Centre – This year’s residential

July 2020

We will be visiting the Delaware Centre in the beautiful Tamar Valley for our residential trip this year, where children will take part in outdoor adventure activities including climbing, canoeing, mountain biking and archery!

There is room for everyone to stay in the dormitories in the converted school house.

Support your child’s learning at home

Homelearning grids

Y4 Homelearning Autumn 2019

Y4 Homelearning Spring 2020

Learning is a lifelong process and it is important that children see opportunities to learn in their life outside of school. Anything you can do to support this at home will help them develop into positive, holistic learners.

Every night your child should spend some time reading, learning spellings and multiplication facts. There will be worksheets given out to support them with this which they will bring back into school .


Please encourage your child to read aloud to an adult, as well as start to read independently. Your child will bring home reading books, or they can read books you have at home.

Children in year 4 are encouraged to be responsible for changing their own books – they will have an opportunity to change their books every day and a class visit to the Reading Rec throughout the week. (If you haven’t seen our wonderful new Reading Rec please ask and we will be delighted to show you.)

Please record all reading at home in their reading diary and don’t forget to sign it!


We don’t have a weekly test but we do assess their spellings informally through marking and the occasional dictation, and it’s great to practice these at home whenever you get the opportunity too.

Y4 Spellings Spring Term 1 2020

Y4 Spellings Spring Term 2 2020



See how children learn to spell at school and make learning spellings as fun as possible on Oxford Owl.

Multiplication facts

A study published by Ofsted, says pupils without instant recall of multiplication tables struggle at maths. Therefore learning their multiplication facts off by heart is a real priority in year 4. The expectation is that they should have a recall of facts up to 12 x 12 and many will be able to use the inverse (division) also.

As well as learning their multiplication facts, fluency with basic number facts (numbers to equal 10, 20 and 100) is also time well spent, as well as double and halves.

Can your child tell the time? Some children were struggling in year 3 so this would be very helpful if you were to be able to support them with this during the first half of term in year 4.

For more information on how to support your child with their Multiplication facts, visit the School Run website.

STAR learning at home

Your child will be given a STAR learning homework grid at the start of each term, with a range of project-based learning activities for your child to do at home. This is to give all children the opportunity to shine and get excited by learning, in whichever area their strengths are. You can help as much or as little as you like – even grannies and grandads can get involved!

We ask children to bring in their STAR learning throughout the term so that we can celebrate and share it in the class. Many star learning projects are so brilliant they even get a Head Teacher’s Award which will mean five additional tokens for their team class award.


Have a look at these documents to help you at home!

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