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What to expect in Year 4

Year 4 is a special year group where the children continue to take control of their own learning in choosing resources, places to work and approaches to tasks.

We provide opportunities for children to develop their own skills but, more importantly, there is the chance for children to develop their collaborative skills to become strong team members who are able to support each other as their learning adventure continues.To support learning, we also build many ‘first hand’ and practical experiences into the term, such as visits or visitors to the school.

What we’re learning - 2023-2024!

Year 4 Learning Letter Autumn 2023

Year 4 Launchpads 2023-2024

Writing 2023-2024

Year 4 Writing 1

Year 4 Writing 2

Art 2023-2024

Year 4 Artists

Year 4 Art Skills

Year 4 Art Progression

Science 2023-2024

Year 4 Physics – Sound

Year 4 Physics – Electricity

Year 4 Chemistry – Materials (solids, liquids and gases)

Year 4 Biology – Animals, including humans

Year 4 Biology – Living things and their habitats

DT & Computing 2023-2024

Year 4 DT

Year 4 Computing

PSHE, RSE & Online Safety 2023-2024

Year 4 RSE

Year 4 PSHE

Year 3 & 4 Online Safety

History 2023-2024

Year 4 What made the achievements of the Ancient Egytians significant?

Year 4 What was the same and what was different about the achievements of the earliest civilisation?

Geography 2023-2024

Year 4 – How important are rivers?

Year 4 – How does the Amazon Rainforest affect my life?

Year 4 – How does the water cycle affect our every day life?

Year 3:4 Map skills and knowledge

Homelearning & Spellings - how to support your child at home

STAR learning at home

Your child will be given a STAR learning homework grid at the start of each term, with a range of project-based learning activities for your child to do at home. This is to give all children the opportunity to shine and get excited by learning, in whichever area their strengths are. You can help as much or as little as you like – even grannies and grandads can get involved!

Homelearning grids 2023-2024



Evidence suggests that children who read for enjoyment every day not only perform better in reading tests than those who don’t, but also develop a broader vocabulary, increased general knowledge and a better understanding of other cultures. In fact, reading for pleasure is more likely to determine whether a child does well at school than their social or economic background.

We encourage children to read at home every night, either to themselves or to an adult, whichever is appropriate. We also believe it is important that children are read to frequently – it helps develop their language skills, and gives them quality, calm time with a family member whilst enjoying a book.

In KS2 your child is able to bring 2 books home from school – one book banded book and one sharing book (fiction or nonfiction). We encourage you to share these books with your children, ask them questions about what they have read and discuss stories with them


Spellings are assessed on a daily basis through games and in their writing, and it’s great to practice these at home whenever you get the opportunity too.

Year 4 Autumn 1 Spellings

Year 4 Autumn 2 Spellings

Statutory spelling list for Years 3 and 4

Multiplication facts

A study published by Ofsted, says pupils without instant recall of multiplication tables struggle at maths. Therefore learning their multiplication facts off by heart is a real priority in year 4. The expectation is that they should have a recall of facts up to 12 x 12 and many will be able to use the inverse (division) also.

As well as learning their multiplication facts, fluency with basic number facts (numbers to equal 10, 20 and 100) is also time well spent, as well as double and halves.

Can your child tell the time? Some children were struggling in year 3 so this would be very helpful if you were to be able to support them with this during the first half of term in year 4.

This year’s residential - PORTHPEAN 5th-7th June 2024

What we’re learning 2022-2023!

Year 4 Curriculum Map 2022-2023


Year 4 News