Welcome to Year 6

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What to expect in Year 6

As the last year in primary school, we are really important! This is the year where we take on more responsibility and become a member of a subject team – our opinions and ideas are vital to the development of our school. As the oldest children in the school we lead by example in all that we do from our behaviour to our learning. Of course, we would be   ready to relish the challenge of KS2 SATs at the end of the year!


The weirdest possible last day for us at TMS … we missed lots of our friends..and Mrs Murt.  Thank you to all our wonderful year 6 team – we are gutted you can’t show off how marvellous you are in SATS … and let’s hope we can all catch up soon!


London Trip – This year’s residential - tbc

20th – 22nd May 2020

Cost: £350.00

In year 6, our children have the opportunity to take part in a residential trip to London at the end of May. This is a really exciting trip that involves watching a West End show (fingers crossed for School of Rock!), a ride on the London Eye, a visit to the Houses of Parliament and one of the amazing large museums.

Year 6 Initial letter May 2020

Year 6 Payment letter

Support your child’s learning at home

Homelearning grids

Y6 Homelearning Autumn 2019

Y6 Homelearning Spring 2020


Your child should be reading every night, aloud to an adult as well as reading to themselves. Children should have both a non-fiction and fiction reading book at all times and please remember to sign the reading record when you hear them read!


Spellings are assessed on a daily basis through games and in their writing, and it’s great to practice these at home whenever you get the opportunity too.


Statutory spelling list for Years 3 and 4

Statutory spelling list for Years 5 and 6


Children having a rapid recall of times tables and associated division facts is also a must. Periodically we’ll send home activities or signpost resources that will support children with mathematics, particularly ones that help children feel prepared for their end of KS2 tests.

STAR learning at home

Your child will be given a STAR learning homework grid at the start of each term, with a range of project-based learning activities for your child to do at home. This is to give all children the opportunity to shine and get excited by learning, in whichever area their strengths are. You can help as much or as little as you like – even grannies and grandads can get involved!

We ask children to bring in their STAR learning throughout the term so that we can celebrate and share it in the class. Many star learning projects are so brilliant they even get a Head Teacher’s Award which will mean five additional tokens for their team class award.


Spelling Menu

Times table Menu


School closure - general learning activities

It is really important that all children remain learning in the time when we are not at school. Retention of learning is crucial: if we don’t use it, we lose it!

We would recommend that where possible, children have structure throughout the day and choose as many activities from the list below as it possible. If you would like to complete other learning activities, please do!



Home Learning Projects
Have a look at the section above and have a go at some more projects!

Obviously all children are different, having a variety of strengths and areas to develop. You may need to break these tasks down and offer them more support, or challenge them further.

At home, children can access their class ‘Google Classroom‘ pages which are full of learning we have been completing at school. We keep these up to date with tasks for the children to complete and web-links which contain relevant and interesting information on our termly topics.

If you have a garden, get outside as much as possible. Look at the different leaves and flowers – try some sketching or write a poem. Use our wonderful natural environment to develop curiosity.

On return to school, all teachers would love to see what you have got up to at home, but also, feel free to mark anything at home – children love instant feedback!

In the ‘Discovery’ section of the website, you will find additional websites to support your child’s learning.





Activity Book KS2




Commonly misspelt words – word list mats

Commonly misspelt words – word list fan

Commonly misspelt words – teacher notes

Commonly misspelt words – table prompts

Exploring Vocabulary Activities – Word Scales – Teacher Notes

Exploring Vocabulary Activities – Word Scales – Vocab Scales Blank

Exploring Vocabulary Activities – Word Scales – Vocab Scales Worksheet

Commonly misspelt words – bookmarks

Ordering powerful adjectives – worksheets

Year 6 grammar revision worksheets

Tricky Grammar Story Starters – Adverbials – Teacher Notes

Ordering powerful adjectives – teacher notes

Ordering powerful adjectives – card sort activity

Ordering powerful adjectives – answer sheets

Robin Hood and the Potter – writing plan

Tricky Grammar Story Starters – Adverbials – Activity sheet Robin Hood and the Potter – teacher notes

Y5 grammar tarsias – teacher’s notes

Y5 grammar tarsias – teacher’s answer sheet

Robin Hood and the Potter – reading sheet

Robin Hood and the Potter – questions

Y5 grammar tarsias – puzzle 3

Y5 grammar tarsias – puzzle 2

Robin Hood and the Potter – answers

Y5 grammar tarsias – no model sentences – puzzle 1

Y5 grammar tarsias – no model sentences – puzzle 2

Y5 grammar tarsias – no model sentences – puzzle 3

Y5 grammar tarsias – puzzle 1

blank tarsia puzzle templates

Y5 and 6 spelling revision worksheets

Homophones worksheet Y5 and 6


School Closure - Weekly learning suggestions

In addition to the general learning activities, here is a more structured timetable week by week. Please keep in contact with us by email: year6homelearning@threemilestone.cornwall.sch.uk

We will be missing you and we are looking forward to you contacting us with your amazing learning.

Any problems logging onto Google Classroom – click here

Week beginning 13.7.20

Hello year 6!

We hope you have had a brilliant weekend making the most of the sunshine. For your final week in year 6, you will be completing the final challenges in our theme park project, as well as some activities around tessellation in maths. The learning will be posted on google classroom on Monday morning.
Remember that you are all invited into school on Friday morning at 10.30am for our leavers assembly on the field. We can’t wait to see as many of you there as possible!
Team 6 🙂

Week beginning 6.7.20

Hello team 6!

We hope you have all had a lovely weekend! This week all of your learning will be on Google classroom on Monday morning. Your maths will carry on from last week looking at statistics and pie charts. We will also be starting a 2 week project to end your time in year 6 – keep your eyes peeled on Google classroom for more details.
As always please email the year 6 homelearning address if you need anything.
Miss Bowen and Mr Newsome

Week beginning 29.6.20

Hello again year 6!

We hope those of you who were at home had a brilliant week and joined in with the Cornwall School Games activities last week. This week we will be going back to our learning on the Vikings and looking at their various different Gods as well as Viking runes. In maths we are moving onto statistics – we will be reading and interpreting information from different types of graph throughout the week.
Each day your learning will be posted on google classroom, so keep your eyes peeled!
As always please email if you need anything at all.
Team 6 🙂

Week beginning 22.6.20

Hello team 6!

We hope those of you that are at home are all OK – we are missing you in school. The learning this week is a little different as this week is the Cornwall School Games week – Miss Andrew will be keeping us busy with lots of challenges which you can also join in with at home to earn us points. All the information you will need to compete can be found on this post on the school website. https://www.threemilestone.cornwall.sch.uk/cornwall-schools-virtual-games/
We are taking a little break from the Vikings this week and will keep our learning focused on sports and keeping healthy. Over the course of the week we would like you to create your own book full of socially distanced games. We would like to see at least 5 games you have thought of that can be played with minimal equipment and keeping 2 meters apart. Along with instructions on how to play the game, you can add images, videos, drawings and diagrams explaining exactly how to play. We would like to be able to share your ideas with the rest of the school by the end of the week.
We will also be continuing to learn about ratio in maths this week.
We look forward to seeing your amazing game ideas throughout the week!
Team 6 🙂

Week beginning 15.6.20

EXCITING CODE MATHS – Y6 CODE Fluency Week 8 – Primes

Hello year 6!

As always we are really missing those of you who are still learning at home – however it has been lovely to see you in our assemblies recently. We are continuing with our Viking learning this week and are looking at Viking invasions and settlements. In maths we are moving on ratio – Mr Newsome has set you a selection of challenges to complete this week! Each day Mrs Murt will post your learning on google classroom so keep your eyes peeled. If you are struggling to log on then please email the year6homelearning@threemilestone.cornwall.sch.uk address and Mrs Murt will help you to get online.
We can’t wait to see all your amazing learning this week!
Team 6

Week beginning 8.6.20

Hi year 6!
Hopefully everyone has adjusted to the new way of learning, whether it’s in school or at home. For us learning at home, we will continue to mirror what is done in school. The maths will be uploaded for the week on a Monday and STAR learning will be uploaded daily.
For maths this week you will be sticking with shape and learning how to find the area of a parallelogram and the volume of different shapes. We will continue with arithmetic Friday to ensure those skills are ticking over, we had some good results this week!
STAR learning this week will be looking more in depth at the vikings. You will discover what sort of houses they lived in, what they wore (in battle and day to day), and what role men, women and children played in day to day life. Alongside this you will have a go at writing a character description of a typical viking and will use the information you discover in the afternoons to help you.
We’re always on the end of an email if you need us and keep sending that fab learning through from home!
Have a fab week and stay safe!
Team 6 🙂

Week beginning 25.5.20

Good morning year 6!

Thank you for continued effort with your STAR learning, we hope you enjoyed a week of science last week and are beginning to understand the basics of electricity and circuits

We will be continuing with the electricity theme this week and will be looking at the journey electricity takes, as well as the alternative forms of generating electricity. This week we would like you to complete:

  •  A diagram showing the journey electricity takes to get to an appliance in the home

  • A reading task about the energy we use

  • A presentation to argue which form of renewable energy should be used to power the school.

In maths, we have put together some learning on area and perimeter for you – a little change from the 4 operations as you have been working so hard on those over the last few weeks.
Please make sure you relax during half term – do something new and exciting with your families, make the most of the lovely weather and most importantly HAVE FUN!
As always, we are missing you and hope we can catch up with you all soon.
Miss Bowen, Mrs Murt and Mr Newsome 🙂

Week beginning 18.5.20

Hello year 6!
Thank you for your brilliant effort last week with our silly SATs papers and for your unbelievable cakes – they looked delicious. Keep your eyes peeled for our winners. As always, we are missing you all and love hearing from you through email each week – please keep sending us your learning year6homelearning@threemilestone.cornwall.sch.uk.
Team 6 🙂
STAR – Over the next 2 weeks we are going to be looking at electricity. This week you have 5 tasks to choose from, which link to electricity, electric circuits and staying safe with electricity. As always, if there is an activity or experiment linked to electricity which you would like to complete then we are more than happy for you to do so!
  • Task 1: VIPERS on the history of electricity.

  • Task 2: components of a circuit, label parts of a circuit, then draw your own.

  • Task 3: explain whether or not these circuits will work.

  • Task 4: how to manage electricity safely in the home.

  • Task 5: is it a conductor science experiment.


Howdy 6! We hope you are all doing well and are so impressed with your learning at home so far! Dividing by 10, 100 and 1000 from last week is looking great – well done! Now we are moving onto  SHORT DIVISION. We’ll break it down into chunks over the next week or so.

Remember, a secure knowledge of times tables up to and including 12 will help. As we move onto dividing by larger two digit numbers – don’t panic! If you are dividing by 43 but don’t know your 43 times tables (“I don’t either!” – Mr N) you do know your 3s, 4s and 10s! Look for the LINKS that will HELP YOU! We’ll look at remainders as well, just remember – you are all EXCELLENT mathematicians and as always, the 6 team is here to support!

Week beginning 11.5.20 – Good morning year 6!

Your learning for this week is a little different from previous weeks! If we were at school, you would have been taking your SATs this week – we know you would have been ready to show off all that you know and really do yourselves proud. In Mr Newsome’s words, you were ready to SMASH IT. Each day this week we will be posting a SATs paper with a twist on google classroom for you to complete. For those of you that want to, there will also be a previous SATs paper for you to have a go at too.
If you want something extra to do this week then you can spend time:

The Year 6 Great Isolation Bake Off!

Everyone loves something sweet to celebrate with. As this would have been SATs week, we would like you to bake your favourite sweet treat to celebrate all the hard work you have put in through the year. We would like you to bake your favourite sweet treat and send a picture of your entry to:



The year 6 teachers consider themselves experts in sweet treats, just ask Mr Newsome, so will be judging this competition.

There are 100 STAR tokens up for grabs, so get baking!

As always – we are missing you all and can’t wait to see you soon!
Team 6 🙂

Week beginning 5.4.20. Wb 4th May slides

Hello year 6!

As always, we are really missing you all, but have loved seeing all of your learning coming in this week. It was lovely to catch up with those of you that could make our multiplication zoom call too. A big thank you to those of you who have sent us your friendship choices for Richard Lander – if you haven’t managed to yet, then please send them over as soon as possible!
This week in maths we are recapping dividing by 10, 100 and 1000 – although Mr Newsome might have thrown some multiplication in there too to keep you on your toes! Remember you can use all the numbers facts you already know to help you – if you need a place value grid to help then draw one out!

Friday 8th May marks 75 years since Victory in Europe Day – VE Day. This week all of our learning will be around VE Day and what it meant to people in Britain.

You have 4 tasks which you can choose to complete:

  • VE day VIPERS

  • Plan your own VE day celebration and write an invitation to your event.

  • Make some VE day bunting.

  • Write and record a broadcast announcing VE day to the people of Britain.

We know that lots of you are completing your learning on paper at home – please email us photos of your learning so we can see what you are getting up to.
Email if you need anything from us at all!
Team 6 🙂

Week beginning 27.4.20 CLICK HERE – 27.04.2020

Hi year 6!
We hope you have all enjoyed the sun this week. We hope you have your fingers crossed that the rain stays away this week. Although, we think the pond at school could do with a good bit of rain! We know it has been tricky to continue to learn at home, but every minute of effort you put in will be worth it in the long run. If you find you’re struggling, all 3 of us are on the end of an email and we will do what we can to help. You will need to email year6homelearning@threemilestone.cornwall.sch.uk. Even those games of TTRS count- we need more year 6s beating Mr Hick!
For maths this week, we are looping back around to multiplication. This is where it is key for you to use the most efficient method. If you find some of these questions tough these are some things you can recap:
  • Multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1,00 (both whole numbers and decimals)
  • Practise your basic number facts on TTRS
  • Ensure you are confident doubling and halving numbers (there are some great games on the internet to help you with this)
We are sticking with the Blitz for another week as we think this is an area that you will all enjoy. We have 4 suggested tasks for you to have a go at this week and we cannot wait to see what you produce. Your tasks are:
  • Writing a newspaper report about the Blitz
  • Researching which cities were bombed and looking at the human and physical features of the cities to work out why they were bombed
  • Located the bombed cities on a map
  • Research and create our own (non-working!) gas mask
Again, the 3 of us are on the end of an email if you need us and we look forward to seeing what you produce this week. Make sure you send it to us on year6homelearning@threemilestone.cornwall.sch.uk for a chance for our learning to appear on the school website.
Stay safe!
Team 6 🙂

Week beginning 20.4.20. CLICK HERE

Hello year 6!

We hope you are all getting on OK at home. A big thank you to those people who have sent us over their 3 friend choices for Richard Lander – we will get started on sorting friendship groups this week!
This week in maths we are moving onto subtraction. Think carefully and tackle the problems using the most efficient strategy – remember we don’t always need a written method.
For our STAR learning this week, we are thinking about the Blitz in London during WW2. There are 4 different activities for you to complete, however if there is another piece of learning around this topic which you would like to do instead, then feel free!
This weeks tasks are
  • Answer questions about the Blitz and present your information however you choose
  • Write a story as if you had just experienced a night of the Blitz
  • Research/draw/make either an Anderson or Morrison shelter.
  • Create a piece of artwork based on the Blitz.
We can’t wait to see your brilliant learning this week! year6homelearning@threemilestone.cornwall.sch.uk
Team 6

Week beginning 13.4.20 –

We hope you have had a lovely Easter weekend with your family eating lots of chocolate. As always, we are still missing you all lots and lots.
This week, in maths, we are moving onto ADDITION. We will recap methods, tips, tricks and most effective or efficient ways to tackle problems linked to addition.Sometimes a written method is needed, other times it will be best to use a mental method and other times it may be helpful to check using the inverse.
STAR Learning
Since this term was supposed to be full of revision and SATS in year 6, we have decided to carry on with our WW2 learning for another half term. Over the course of the half term we will learn about the Land Army, the Blitz in Plymouth and in London, VE day, code-breaking and technology in WW2. There will be more information on this in our learning letter.
This week we are looking at the Land Army. We would like you to:
  • Answer VIPERS questions on the Land Army using sources attached.
  • Create a recruitment poster for the Land Army.
  • Write a diary entry of a family at home during WW2 explaining the roles of different family members.
  • Create a radio advert explaining the role of the Land Army in Britain.
  • Write a poem thanking the people of the Land Army.
Remember you do not have to do all of the learning but we would like you to select a few and have a go!
Keep us updated with how you are getting on with the learning by sending it to us at the year 6 homelearning email address!
Hi year 6!
We hope you and your families are well and you managed to enjoy some of the weekend sunshine in the garden. As the weather is meant to be nice over the next few days, and it’s the holidays, have a go at some of the spring challenges that have been attached here.
Maths: In maths this week we will be recapping adding and subtracting negative numbers. There is a new Mymaths activity to try as well as a link to some additional questions. You can answer these on the slides or in a book at home- just don’t forget to attach a picture to the slides or send it to us so we can see the amazing learning that is happening.
STAR: We are going to be spending one more week looking at the ancient Mayans including:
  • Why was the Chichen Itza important to the Mayans?
  • What was the significance of Mayan masks?
  • What foods did the Mayan people eat?
Although we have suggested ways in which you could present your learning on the slides on google classroom, we are always open to new, creative ideas! Just remember to send them through to year6homelearning@threemilestone.cornwall.sch.uk
Have a great week and don’t eat too much chocolate!
Week beginning 30.3.20. Copy of slides Year 6
Hello year 6!
We hope you are all well and safe at home – we are missing you all!

Maths: In maths this week we are moving on from place value to have a look at rounding numbers – just whole numbers this week, we will move onto rounding decimals later!

Just like last week you can complete your learning either on the slides or in your book, whatever you prefer. If you are completing your learning in your book then please send us a photo of your answers so we know what you have been up to.
STAR: We are going to take a two week break from our WW2 learning over the holidays and learn a little about  the  Ancient Mayans. This week we would like you to have a go at answering 3 questions about the Mayan civilisation:
  • Who were the Mayans and when did they live?
  • Who were the slaves, farmers and nobles and what were their roles
  • How did they Mayans communicate?
We have set your 3 tasks to complete over the week which will help you explore in more detail different aspects of Mayan life. We would like you to:
  • Read an ebook about the Mayans and answer some VIPERS questions – answers in full sentences please.
  • Write either a job description or create a quiz about the roles of slaves, farmers and nobles in Mayan civilisation.
  • Create a poster explaining the Mayan alphabet and numeric system.
You can either complete your learning on the slides and turn them in when you are finished, or you can complete the learning on paper and send us photos at the year6homelearning email address.
Here are some useful links
We can’t wait to see what you produce!
This week we have set your 3 additional tasks – send us photos of you having a try!
We would like you to have a go at:
  • sewing on a button or repairing a piece of clothing
  • completing a piece of DIY at home
  • cooking a meal from scratch.

We can’t wait to hear from you all!  Team 6



Week beginning 23.3.20. Copy of slides Year 6


This week for maths we are focussing on place value– numbers up to 10 million and comparing and ordering these. On your Google Classroom you have a number of slides with a variety of tasks, from what is the highlighted digit worth to what could the missing numbers be.
There is space next to each question on the slide for you to write your answers; if you have done some amazing grappling on paper please take a picture and send it to us so we can see your method of thinking.
If anything is tricky, please let us know by emailing year6homelearning@threemilestone.cornwall.sch.uk where one of us will be ready and waiting to guide you to further resources to look at or give you some hints for those tricky deepen it tasks.
STAR learning:
Throughout this week, our WW2 topic question will be: What was it like to be a soldier in World War 2? 
We would like you to have a go at answering some of these questions:
  • Who could sign up to be a soldier in WW2? What were the requirements?
  • What is propaganda?
  • What equipment did soldiers carry?
  • What was their uniform like?
  • What training did they have once they went to war?
  • How long would they expect to wait before they could come home on leave?
Over the course of the week, we would like to complete these tasks.
  • Write a persuasive speech convincing young men to join the army – think about using the second person (you), exaggerating and using emotive language.

  • Research and design your own propaganda posters – make sure it’s bold, eye-catching and sends a clear message.

  • Draw a labelled diagram of a soldier’s uniform and equipment in WW2 – make sure you find out what materials uniform was made from and why it was fit for purpose.

  • Create your own training regime for a WW2 soldier. Make sure you explain how each activity will help the soldier whilst they are at war. Perhaps you could test it on your family in the garden.

  • Write a letter home as if you were a WW2 soldier, letting your family know about your experiences in training during the beginning of the war. Make sure you write in 1st person, use lots of adjectives and expanded noun phrases. Can anyone include a colon and a semi-colon?

You can either submit the tasks as an assignment on the template on google classroom, email us your learning, send photos of what you have done or a combination of all 3!
There are some links and documents attached which might be helpful.

Soldier text

Soldier diagram

If you have forgotten how to access classroom, email us and we can screenshot you through it!

Can’t wait to see your amazing learning soon! Team 6


Letters sent home and anything you need to know?

Y2and6 Learn Together Session Jan 2020

Y6 SATs Parent Presentation

Y6 Science Letter

PE will be an important part of our week  – please have your PE kit on you at all times, in case we have an extra lesson!

Any adults to hear readers will be welcomed until 9.10 everyday. Please let us know if you are interested in supporting the year group.

Art shirts

If you have any old shirts you could donate to the art shirt box we would be very grateful.


If you have any concerns about your child at all,  please do not hesitate to come in and speak to us. It is always best to talk to us as soon as possible if you or your child are unhappy about anything  as it will enable us to resolve any issues quickly. We have more time available after school than before school to speak to parents, but in an emergency of course pop in anytime.