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Newsletter 10.07.20

10th July 2020 in Whole School

With 4 and a half school days left of this academic year, we are starting to draw everything to a close. We are really missing the usual energy of sports days, discos, performances, rock concerts: all those occasions bringing the school together with energy and enthusiasm, reminding us why our school is something special to be part of. Next week, all classes will have a final Zoom to ensure that everyone gets the opportunity to see their friends, teachers and support staff for one last time before the summer break. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our staff for the hard work and commitment in this really challenging period. We have all learnt to work in new ways and have been constantly questioning and challenging ourselves in making the right decision for all our families. None of us came into our jobs to work at home and communicate with children virtually, and this period has confirmed for us all how much we value those special human interactions and relationships. Learning cannot happen without them! 

We are currently finalising the next part of the recovery plan for September. It is absolutely crucial that we think of every eventuality and ensure that the relevant risk assessments are in place, so that we are confident that all children are able to return to school in September with systems and procedures in place to mitigate risks of infection, whilst ensuring that the children experience the stimulating, team-based, aspirational and relevant curriculum they deserve – and are entitled to.   

As always, our intention is to be as thorough and transparent as possible. Inevitably, this will mean that a rather lengthy document will be emailed to you early next week! We want to be as clear as possible, so that you are able to visualise exactly what September looks like so that you can return your children to us with confidence and excitement.  


If you are passing school, please feel free to drop in any school library books you may have at home.

Property left in school

If your child has any PE kit or other items of clothing still in school, please come in to school before Thursday 16th July to pick it up. Thank you

Learning over the summer and in September

Over the summer holidays, we are only asking you do work with your children on these skills (depending on the age of your child)

  • read to your child
  • hear your child read
  • practice phonics
  • practice spelling the ‘Common Exception Word’ and words from the KS2 statutory word lists 
  • write as often as you can, practicing your pencil hold and letter formation (bad habits are really hard to reteach!)
  • practice number bonds, mental maths strategies and formal arithmetic calculations 
  • become really fluent in the times tables

The websites which we also recommend are:

If you would like support on any of the above, please do not hesitate to contact your class teacher, either by phoning the school, or through the homelearning email address, and we will make sure you have all the resources needed to keep you going over the summer. 

By doing these things little and often it will help support your child and ensure that they start with confidence! 

When we have the whole school returning in September, as a staff, we are not worried about how far behind children are, how much ‘learning is lost’ and how much children need to ‘catch up’. These phrases are being thrown around by the media, and in reality, they are not helpful! As a school, we always put the wellbeing of our children first, and September isn’t going to be any different. We will be thrilled to see your children after the summer break! Settling into the new classes and getting to know their new teachers and support staff will be a priority, and ensuring they also have some time to touch base with the staff from this year.  As far as learning goes, as teachers, we never make assumptions before we embark on new learning experiences, and whether it be phonics, reading, writing or number learning, our staff are skilled in finding out where we are now … and the next steps. Please do not worry about ‘lost learning’, but we will work together to settle your children back  into the routine of learning, creating an environment and opportunities for each child to flourish. 



 Free School Mealswww.cornwall.gov.uk/schoolmeals.

In the current climate with so much uncertainty in the job world, there are many parents who have been furloughed, but now, we are understanding that some of those, and others, are facing redundancies and job losses. If you qualify, or even if you think you may qualify, apply online for Free School Meals and if successful, you would get £15 a week of food vouchers. This scheme will also continue over the summer holiday and all eligible families will receive a voucher for £90 per child to cover this period. Please do not struggle financially by yourselves, this aspect of funding is there specifically to support families with children to ease the financial burden.

The team are now accepting Free School Meals applications for children entering Reception in September 2020. Parents/carers can apply using the above link.

For children who are currently in Year 6, this entitlement will automatically be rolled forward to the new school. There is no need to complete a new application.

End of term arrangements

After much discussion and as previously communicated, Threemilestone School has taken the decision to close on Friday 17th July. We will finish at the staggered end of the day – between 11.30 and 12.30. All staff are very grateful to all families for understanding the importance of getting the school ‘back to normal’ – a task we can only do when we are ‘child-free!’ Year 6 are free to go home straight after their Leavers’ assembly, which starts at 10.30. 

For anyone who may need childcare during the holidays. Bosvigo school offer wraparound care from 7.45am – 6pm. For more details follow the link to their website


Gifts for teachers? As always, there is never any expectation that staff are bought presents, and we are always grateful, and surprised, when families show their thanks with small gifts. As with anything brought in from home, if you would like to bring in a small gift, or a card, you are very welcome to. The members of staff will not be able to touch it, or take it home for 48 hours. If you are not currently in school, we are able to pass anything on to the adults your child learn with.  

Protocol for symptoms of COVID-19

Although we have settled into school with our new sense of normality, we cannot forget the protocol for if and when children or adults in the bubble show symptoms. Please find attached the flow chart of the procedure as agreed by TPAT on Protocol for school dealing with Corona Virus Symptoms 

We will continue to email this out to you with every newsletter so that you are reminded. We acknowledge that this may be inconvenient, for bubbles to be sent home – but it is crucial that we follow all the guidelines in keeping everyone safe. 

Library Service – Summer Reading Challenge

This year’s theme is Silly Squad, a team of animal friends who love to go on adventures and get stuck into all different kinds of funny books.  For 2020 it’s all about funny books, happiness and having a laugh!

 The Summer Reading Challenge combines FREE access to books with fun creative online activities; This year it has been extended and will be launched from Friday 5th June and will run until mid-September.

 How the Challenge works

  • Children sign up online to the Digital Summer Reading Challenge https://summerreadingchallenge.org.uk/.
  • The website will be free to access, featuring games, quizzes, digital and downloadable activities to incentivise and encourage children and their families to take part in the Challenge at home. Although library buildings are closed, libraries will also continue to deliver the Challenge through virtual services and e-lending platforms i.e. Borrowbox, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Children taking part this year will be asked to set their own reading goal and we are keen to see if this encourages take up and completion. However, we will still be suggesting six books as the best goal to try for. Children who complete their Summer Reading Challenge will be able to download a certificate.

To all our TMS children,

There is so much going on at the moment – whether you are at home or at school. Just take a moment to think about how unbelievably special you are : You! The adults who have learned with you all year are missing you all terribly, because each and everyone one of you contributes something special to our school. 

Everyone is different: everyone is special. Just remember that! 

Ms Teagle

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