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Newsletter 15.5.20

15th May 2020 in Whole School

It has been a really busy time with another week of new information and guidance being released on a daily basis (if not more!). The school is working hard on planning for the future, in case school opens, by completing risk assessments and ensuring we have enough staff to cater for the children who may attend. I am sure you are also trying to confirm plans for a possible return to work, working through the furlough systems, grant systems or a plethora of other systems. Throughout this media frenzy, we hope you have managed to spend some time with your family, doing what you value most.

Return to school for  EYFS, Years 1 and 6

As you would have heard from Sunday night’s announcement schools will reopen for EYFS, Years 1 and 6 from 1st June at the earliest, alongside the children from Key Workers. We will send out, later today, a letter which will detail our plans for this, and outline the decisions we have made with the information available to us at this time. We want to get this information to you now, as opposed to waiting until next week, which we understand many schools are doing, because we feel you need to know as soon as possible about our intended plans, so that you can start thinking about your options. We hope that the many questions you are likely to have, will be answered in the letter you will be receiving. We apologise for the rather long document, but we have attempted to answer all possible questions! We will be asking you to share your intention of when your children will restart school, but completely understand that this may change with a change of circumstance or as more information is given. We will circulate the letter to all families, but only EYFS, years 1 and 6 will need to reply. 

Whatever decision you make, you are the parent and you know what is best for your children and your family.  However, it would be irresponsible of the school to pretend that we can guarantee a COVID-free environment and that social distancing in the classroom will  be achievable one hundred per cent of the time (especially for our youngest children), despite our very best efforts. I know that your decision will be made carefully, and I would be very happy to talk through any concerns that you have relating to your own situation.

Y6 London Residential

The company that we booked through have now accepted that the residential cannot take place and have cancelled, unfortunately they want to charge an extortionate cancellation fee, 60% of the total cost! We are obviously not happy with this and have passed this onto our TPAT lawyers to resolve. However, we will be refunding you in full and have now started the refunding process. We have to warn you that by the nature of Parent Pay, this is not an easy and quick process, but we have started. The refund will also be returned to you in 2 parts due to the difficulties with the cancellation fee and insurance claim. I am really sorry that it is not an easy and quick process as I know that now, more than ever, this money within the family is much needed. Thank you to Miss Hawken who has been working tirelessly to ensure that we get the process underway.

London Residential 2021 (current year 5s)

So far we have 40 children who have shown an expression of interest for the residential planned for May 2021. We are still intending to go ahead with this experience; however, we know that there is currently a lot of financial instability and emotional concerns. We will not be asking for confirmation until September, hopefully giving everyone a breather. We will also obviously need confirmation from the organisation that all the parts of the visit can go ahead. By committing to the residential later, will mean that you will have less time to spread your payments, but hopefully you will be able to start planning financially yourselves. We would also envisage the price increasing slightly as well with possibly less children going and also prices in London increasing, but this is currently unknown.    

Year 6 Hoodies

A reminder that Y6 leavers hoodies are still available to order. There is a choice of colour and styles which are now ready to order through an online shop and the process is simple for those who wish to purchase one:

  1. Go to the website (www.schoolleaverscompany.co.uk) and click on “Login” at the top of the  home page.  
  2. Enter login details: USERNAME: SL49007 PASSWORD: 49007three
  3. Make your order

The online shop will close on 8th June 2020. There is now an option for these to be delivered to the home address, to do this make sure you select the ‘home delivery’ option.

As always, please continue to take the recommended precautions and do everything you can to keep you and your families safe.

Ms Teagle



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