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17th March 2020 in Wellbeing, Whole School

This week, our Year 1 children have been exploring the theme of ‘keeping safe’. Not only does this mean washing hands in the current situation, it also means in play.

Children are always mimicking social situations: pretending to be teachers, doctors or dentists; builders, hairdressers or digger drivers. They are exploring each other’s strengths, playing new games and learning how other friends have fun. In their short lives, they have lived very different lives, with different expectations and experiences. This is really, really exciting and we are supporting children in play, so that they can continue to play safety – treating each other with respect. They are also noticing changes in bodies and becoming more aware of gender.

This is where the wonderful resources from the NSPCC kicks in – Pantosaurus!


Privates are Private!

Always remember your body belongs to you

No means No

Talk about things which upset you

Speak up, someone can help!

This is really important to talk to your children about so they have the confidence to be safe in all aspects of their life.

Year 2 are planning to do this also in the next few days!

Please pop in and see the class teacher or Ms Teagle if you have any concerns, or wish to discuss this further.

Keeping your children safe is our priority. 

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