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Thursday 14th March – Dr Bike/Scooter Day **UPDATE**

12th March 2019 in Whole School

Dr Bike UPDATE: Thurs 14th March – Bad weather is forecast for tomorrow so Bikes/Scooters may need to be taken around the back of school so they can be worked on under shelter. There will be someone at the normal bike park at the front of school to point you in the right direction. Thank you in advance.

As part of Threemilestone School’s commitment to sustainability we are taking part in the
Big Pedal, Sustrans annual cycle, scoot and walk to school challenge.
This year it takes place between 25 March and 5 April.
In preparation for this we are holding a Cycle/Scoot to School Day on Thursday 14th
Pupils who cycle/scoot to school will have a free maintenance safety check done on their
bike or scooter. Small adjustments will be made and a report attached to outline work done
and any further work needed.
A typical bike check involves checking/adjusting brakes, handlebars, saddle and pedals,
inflating tyres, tightening nuts and bolts and oiling parts. Scooter checks involve checking
wheels, deck and fixings, making adjustments where necessary.
The school recommends the use of helmets. All bikes need to be roadworthy, and have
working brakes and pumped up tyres.
To take part simply cycle or scoot to school on Thursday 14th March!
These free checks are available to both staff and pupils.
Threemilestone School takes part in the Sustrans schools project which promotes active
travel to school (walking, scooting and cycling) and aims to reduce congestion around school.

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