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2nd April 2020 in Creative

Hello from Mrs Browning!

Here’s another singing and rhythm game to have fun with whilst at home.



You will need:

– 1 cup (or yoghurt pot / can / flowerpot . . . . )

Without really being aware of it you are tapping out a rhythm with your cup using all the notation that we have been learning in class.  When I teach this in class I start with the first half of the song using the words ‘clap clap bumble bee clap pick-up pass (rest)’.  Once you have mastered this, move onto the second half.  Below is a sheet which shows the actions and rhythms used.

Create your own version
You can sing along or just do the actions to any music of your choice.  Any music that has 4 beats in a bar will work – give it a try.   Also – the clapping pattern shown in the film is only one version, you may want to make up your own.


Clips to Inspire
Watch here 600 students sing cups to be inspired.  Perhaps something for us to work towards as a school?!  Another favourite of mine is here where students have adapted the rhythm using more than one cup Cups


Mrs Browning

and have a look what Amber and Summer have sent in, inspired by last week’s challenge!

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