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TMS PARLIAMENT – Should there be a ‘Children in Charge’ day at TMS?

3rd November 2019 in TMS Parliament

The persuasive speeches were brilliant…

The debates got heated …

The adults in school were worried …

We exercised our right to democracy and voted as usual in our secret ballot. The MPs nervously counted the slips and the result was announced in an excitable assembly.

FOR 198


With only 11 votes in it, this motion will not be carried through.

Thank you to all involved!

With the general election approaching, our Y6 children will be getting involved in their STAR learning project – ELECTION FEVER . We will be investigating the historical aspects of voting, as well as the facts of what each political party stand for. This, we realise, is going to be challenging, but really important for our children to recognise facts in the world of bias and persuasion.

If anyone would like to work with our children, or know of anyone who would like to come in and share knowledge and expertise, please do not hesitate to contact Ms Teagle, or one of the Y6 staff.



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