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TMS Memory strategies - CALM PAST REV!

Spelling tips!


These spellings are aimed at ANYONE from ANY year group! The English language is so tricky, and there are so many rules to help you spell – and then there are so many spellings which break the rules! With some words, you need to find a way to remember, and here are some ideas! They are not the only way to remember, just an option!

MEMORY HELP! In school we have learnt about 11 different strategies to help us remember – there are 2 links here – CLICK HERE for the 11 strategies (CALM PAST REV) and CLICK HERE for how those strategies link to spelling!

If you want to put in a request, share with me your ways of remembering spellings, or show me photos of you trying out these ways of spellings, then email me on spellingtips@threemilestone.cornwall.sch.uk.


Day 1: January February

Day 2: difficulty

Day 3: beautiful

Day 4: ight words

Day 5: parliament

Day 6: …..click on it and find out!


Day 8 : people

Day 9: Tuesday

Day 10 :ould

Day 11: elephant

Day 12: attendance

Day 13: CALM PAST REV – Spellings days 1-12 check!

Day 14: they

Day 15: August

Day 16: calendar

Day 17: rhythm

Day 18: leisure

Day 19: spelling check up!

Day 20 : library

Day 21: separate

Day 22:necessary

Day 23: Thursday Saturday

Day 24: secretary

Day 25 : embarrass

Day 26: accident

Day 27: parallel