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VE Day music @ TMS

7th May 2020 in Creative

Music for VE Day


Here is the band of the Royal Air Force playing Hymn to the Fallen joined by singers from The National Youth Choirs of Great Britain.

Six and a half minutes of beautiful music perhaps providing a time for you at home to stop and reflect.  What instruments can you see and hear?  How does the music make you feel?

It was composed by John Williams for the film Saving Private Ryan.


We have had some great singing in school this year.  Our 20 minute zoom ‘Sing It choir’ sessions continue weekly on Tuesdays at 12.15pm (email us if you’re interested in joining on: year2homelearning@threemilestone.cornwall.sch.uk).  Who knows – some of you may go on to sing with Cornwall county choirs and perhaps the National youth choirs of GB – following other children from Cornwall.


Music played such an important part in wartime Britain – from songs sung to remember loved ones, to tunes played to cheer up and on to instrumental / choral music played to provide moments to pause and reflect.   Earlier this week we shared some WW2 Songs you may know.


In a week when we commemorate and thank those who gave so much for our freedom Sophie Ayres of Bodelva class has written these beautiful lyrics for a VE Day song of her own.  As she thinks about how those in wartime Britain must have felt, I love the way that she then compares it to how she is feeling today in these strange times of lockdown.  A budding composer . . . John Williams watch out!  Sophie we look forward to perhaps being able to perform your song at school when we are together again.

MY SONGS – by Sophie Ayres


One day we’ll look down on the world below,

The ruins of our country will not show,

No more bombs are dropped from the sky above,

We’ll be able to do the things we love, the things we love,

We’re the Allies! Fighting for a good cause,

We’re the Allies! No one’s gonna take us down!

Whether you’re leading the city or driving a tank we’re all doing our bit,

Whether you’re sitting on a rooftop or caring for your family the Axis will have to admit, have to admit,

Hand it over! You wont get what you want!

Hand it over! Stop fighting for something you will not get!

Ruthless soldiers shooting on the battle fields,

Homes in the countryside act as shields, act as shields,

We’re the Allies! Fighting for a good cause!

We’re the Allies! No one and no one’s gonna take us down!

I said no one and no one’s gonna take us down!

One day this will all be a memory,

One day we’ll look back on the past,

One day lockdown will be finished,

One day we’ll be sitting in class!

But until then we’ll have to keep going,

Until then we’ll have to stay put,

Until then we’ll pray,

To put lockdown astray,

And to feel that it’s gone for good!


Before Easter we started looking at jazz tunes of this era with year 6, so composers and players like Duke Ellington and Glen Miller and in particular the 12 bar blues.  We had a go at playing along – playing to the 12 bar chord pattern on keyboards, chimes and boomwhackers.  This was our very first attempt – a Glenn Miller swing band in the making I feel.   I look forward to more music making with you all soon.


Keep singing and playing.  Keep on sending in those films and photos of you ‘Making your own kind of music’ (email through to:  year2homelearning@threemilestone.cornwall.sch.uk)

Mrs Browning

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