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Violins and violas @ TMS!

26th November 2019 in Creative
We welcomed Tim Boulton and Emma Stansfield to the school this morning and had a wonderful morning learning all about stringed instruments, listening to fantastic playing and also having a go.
We explored how the sound of a stringed instrument is made, by first bowing a taut piece of string, then hearing what happened when one end was attached to a baked bean can!  By tightening the string Tim was able to vary the pitch of the note and even managed to play Silent Night on his string and bean can instrument!
Tim and Emma played to all of KS2 in assembly and also each of the year 3 classes were lucky enough to have their own performances, have a go at conducting and also have a go at playing some violins of their own.
‘Amazing’ – ‘Calming’ – ‘Stupendous’ ‘Inspirational’ were some of the words that the children used to describe how they found the music when talking about the performances later in their music classes with Mrs Browning.
Cai and Lyra James from Bissoe class joined in the performance playing their cello and violin and telling us why they like about playing their instruments.   We hope to share some of their wonderful Christmas carol music very soon with some of the rest of the school.  Thank you Cai and Lyra.
Emma is going to be starting teaching violin and viola  (the lower pitched cousin of the violin) at TMS in January and children who expressed an interest in finding out more should have brought a letter home with all details.  Both Emma and Tim have played and taught all over the world.  Emma has recently returned to the UK and is super excited to bring passion for all things strings and experience of playing to TMS.  If you are interested please return the reply slip on the letter to the school office for Mrs Browning to coordinate.   Spare copies of letters are available from the school office.
(In the New Year we are aiming to have a Brass and Woodwind day – adding to the mix of lessons available at the school.)

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