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Y5 and Y6 online safety project – working with Headstart Kernow

12th September 2018 in Wellbeing, Year 5, Year 6


During our May INSET day, we worked with ‘Headstart Kernow’ learning about mental health in children and the impact of the digital world on their wellbeing. We expressed interest in joining a pilot and now they have asked us if we can be involved in a research project. We are asking 40 of our Year 5 and Year 6s to be involved and those interested will be bringing consent letters home (see below).

The ideas are research are:

Research Theme 1 – How are young people engaging with the online world and how is this changing over
time and by age group?
Research Theme 2 – What effect is the online world having on young people’s social and emotional
development… the way young people see themselves and their empathy for others?

Research Theme 3 – How is the online world normalising and legitimising certain forms of behaviour?
Research Theme 4 – How can professionals and parents provide young people with a better support
framework in terms of online wellbeing?


We will keep you updated!

Combined Participant Briefing and YP Consent Form

Combined Parent Guardian Letter, Briefing, Consent Form

School Youth Study – School Pack

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