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Year 6 – It has been amazing to be part of something so special

17th July 2020 in Our Successes, Year 6

Year 6 – We wish you every success and happiness for the future. It has been an absolute privilege to be part of your learning journey, and watching you mature into the confident, self assured and opinionated young people, absolutely ready to move on to the next part of your adventure.

Remember that:

  • you are always part of something  – a sense of belonging is crucial to your success; join clubs, do activities and explore friendships where there is mutual value and loyalty; please come back and see us!
  • Achieve great things – whether this be in sport, music, drama, academic subjects, designing, making – whatever your passion is – dream it, work for it … and you will achieve it!
  • Everyone is welcome – include everyone, care about others, be kind.
  • Learning is fuelled by creativity – think differently, think for yourself and get excited by learning!

Our rules of treating everyone is kindness and respect, making thoughtful choices and speaking with honesty and integrity are key to your successes – at secondary schools, at college, in relationships and beyond. Be true to yourself .. and be yourself!

We can only hope that we have supported you through your ups and downs of learning. We have thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated your fascination of ‘tik toking’, dabbing, fortnite dances, slime, bottle flipping and whatever else has driven us up the wall in the last 7 years (which we clearly do not understand)!!!!!

Keep in touch – we have loved the adventure you have taken us on 🙂

Ms Teagle and the TMS team


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