Character @ TMS

Where learning is fuelled by creativity

The ethos of the school is to celebrate when children achieve great things: whether these be small steps or great feats and whether these are different for different individuals. It is clear from this ethos that success and achievements comes as a result of hard work, graft, determination and resilience.

Progress leading to achievement is celebrated, rather than solely attainment and due to the opportunities given to our children, whether this is in the classroom, in sport, music or socially, there are many ways to excel and there is an ethos of being the best children, and staff, can be. The vision of Richard Lander School, our local Secondary School is Be the Best you can Be.

In the relationship policy, it is clearly stated that the level of aspiration is high Рin terms of behaviour, manners,  courtesy, respect, as well as behaviour for learning. All staff are responsible for ensuring that these high expectations are consistent in all areas of the school, regardless of job role, age of children and time of day.

Children are disciplined in movement around the school, able to respond quickly to signals to quieten for instruction and for pulling the team together.

Children, though REAL PE, work towards developing the following areas of character: personal, social, cognitive, creative, applying physical skills and an awareness of health and fitness.

Children are encouraged to show pride in their own personal appearance, how the classroom looks and general tidiness  (also showing respect for cleaning staff after school), how others are spoken to, whether that be other children or staff, as well as in presentation of learning in books. There is a consistent promotion of pride in belonging to the school community.

Leadership is promoted and celebrate through PALS (Pupils As Leaders), Reading Champions, Classroom monitors, and relationships between older and younger children are developed as children develop into positive role models.