Our People

Where learning is fuelled by creativity

At TMS we want our children to part of something special … but we also want our staff to be part of it too!

We have a strong team of staff who have a common goal which makes us get up in the morning: simply, to give our children the best possible deal. Our staff are crucial in ensuring that our children have a secure sense of belonging and we know that positive relationships are key to the success of any child.

We have a curriculum that our staff have chosen to teach, we share a love of learning and we are passionate, proactive people who want to make things happen!

Senior Leadership Team

Ms Teagle / Headteacher & Language team

I started my teaching career in 1999 in Cornwall where I was born and brought up, and from that moment, I have been passionate about celebrating each and every success of children’s lives, from small steps to massive feats. Every child is on a journey, travelling at different speeds and going in different directions and I believe that school plays an important part in believing that everyone can achieve and get to their destination! I joined TMS in April 2017 and immediately felt welcomed into this strong team of children, families and staff. In my spare time I like to explore the Cornish Coastline and seem to be spending a lot of time at a sideline of various sizes pitches and courts around Cornwall watching my son play with different shaped balls! Travelling is also high on my agenda and I try and get away as often as possible!

“Somewhere inside of us all, is the power to change the world,” Roald Dahl.

Mr Hick / Deputyhead, Y5/6 Phase leader & Maths STEM leader

I began my teaching career as a newly qualified teacher at Threemilestone School in 2004 and since then have been lucky enough to hold a number of different roles within the school and am now currently the Deputy Headteacher. I feel privileged to be part of such a dedicated team and absolutely love seeing the successes of our children; no matter how big or small. Within school I am most passionate about Mathematics and do my best to weave it into nearly every conversation with children and staff alike - Maths is cool! At the heart of everything I do is a firm belief that all children can succeed. Outside of school I am somewhat obsessed with golf and am doing my best to get better – although this is not happening as quickly as I would like! I also enjoy supporting Chelsea and having regular ‘debates’ with Mr Lara about whose team is better.

Mrs Coleman / Years 3&4 Phase leader, Year 4 class teacher (Carn Brea) & Pupil Premium Leader

I’ve been teaching since 1994 and have been a member of TMS for the past twenty years. I have taught across Key Stage 2 and enjoy mastering new things every year when planning exciting units of learning with the children.

My ambition is for every child I teach to leave my class with a love of reading. I believe everyone is a reader, some just haven't found the right book yet! And I just love talking to children about reading to support them in finding their right book.

I love living in Cornwall and being outdoors. I enjoying running and yoga to keep fit. If I am not reading, I have recently taken up sewing and have always loved scrapbooking.

Mrs Brown EYFS, Years 1 & 2 Phase leader, EYFS class teacher (Blisland) - Language team

I joined the TMS team in 1988, so am very proud to say that I have been teaching here for 30 years which makes me the longest serving member of staff! I am also lucky enough to see parents who were once children I taught, bringing their own children to Threemilestone School, developing new relationships with them and learning of their own successes.

What I love most about teaching is being able to help children grow and succeed in their own unique way. I have seen many changes across my years at TMS, but I am always ready and raring for a new challenge! Being a part of the Senior Leadership Team is an enjoyable role I have taken on for the past
13 years; I am currently EYFS & Key Stage 1 Leader and I love the extra responsibilities brought by this. I have also been part of the Governing Body for a number of years as a staff representative.

Outside of school I thoroughly enjoy living near the beach and my family and I are all keen brass banders! I am very proud of my grown up children who are embarking on careers in dance and radiography.

Mrs Ewart - Special Education Needs & Disability Coordinator (SENDCo) & Wellbeing team

Teaching Staff

Mrs Beckett - Reception teacher (Bedruthan) & wellbeing team

It was my son Jack who, at the age of three, started me on my journey of becoming a teacher (he was one of those children who couldn’t bear to be left at pre-school and so I helped out and began to work there). Instantly I knew that teaching was going to become my passion. I ran my local pre-school for
10 years before becoming a teacher in 2007 and loved every minute, however my thirst to progress into teaching in primary education grew and so I decided to “go for it” and with the support of my family; a lot of hard work (and some tears) I gained my degree in child and youth studies. For my teacher training year, I was lucky enough to train here at TMS with our very own Mrs Brown and every day I feel blessed to be fulfilling my ambition in our wonderful school. Teaching is everything I hoped it would be and more and whether it be a smile, teaching a wake-and-shake routine, helping a child understand a maths problem or pretending to be one of the three little pigs and getting a laugh, making a difference to your child’s education and life is so important to me. Every child that I have taught has shaped me into the teacher I am today and seeing their smiles and happy, cheery faces every morning makes me proud to be their teacher.

Mrs Bolt Year 1 class teacher (Boscastle)& Humanities team

Although I trained in Norfolk, I have always taught in Cornwall, both in large and small schools, but always with the youngest children. I took a career break at the end of 2008 to be a full-time mum and have slowly been building up my return to full time teaching by working through a supply agency and volunteering. I first worked at Threemilestone in Mrs Brown’s class in 2014, when I fell in love with the whole atmosphere and ethos of the school. Everyone has always been so friendly and welcoming. I really enjoy working with a parallel class and believe this brings so many benefits to the children.

I really love making things and will have a go at most crafts. I like the children to learn practically wherever possible and enjoy promoting DT as part of the STEM team. It’s rarely about the finished product, but the process of getting there and having a go.

When I am not teaching, I enjoy spending time with my family. Our favourite place is Godrevy beach, whatever the time of year! At home we have two cats, two rabbits and a fluctuating number of chickens. I use the eggs for baking with my daughter. Now that she is too old for the ‘50 things to do before you are 11¾’, we are trying to visit the best 50 beaches in Cornwall – as voted by the West Briton.

Mrs Lobb Year 1 Class teacher (Boscastle) & STEM team

I have been lucky enough to be part of the Threemilestone School family since 1990. I feel very fortunate to teach the youngest of our children which means I am able to enjoy watching them grow and develop for the whole of their time at primary school, and I love the fact that every year now, I have at least one child in my class whose parents I taught!

I have two grown up daughters: one is a Geologist and the other is a Reception teacher like her Mum. I also have two gorgeous dogs at home who keep me busy walking, doing obedience training, agility shows and scent work. I also love to knit and sew, read and cycle – but not all at the same time!

Mr Lara Year 2 class teacher (Lizard) & STEM team

Though my teaching career has started only recently, I have been involved with schools in a number of different roles for a few years now. I started off as a Teaching Assistant and absolutely fell in love with the day-to-day possibilities that opened themselves up to me. It was at that time that I knew I had to go one step further and throw myself into teaching and haven't looked back! I put all of my efforts into becoming the best teacher that I could be, and this is something I will never stop trying to achieve. Having been at Threemilestone School for a year now, I am very passionate about the opportunity to have a positive impact on the lives of all of the wonderful children that are with us. What other job gives you the chance to create lifelong memories for so many different people in one day? I really am privileged to have such position, and aim to do my absolute best for every child, every day.

My family moved to Cornwall in 1998 and outside of school (and sometimes in), I love to play the guitar and drums. Though I can't claim to have had any number one singles, I used to play in a band with my brother and some friends. I love to draw and have written and illustrated two children’s books (which can be found on iBooks!) and reading about physics is a passion of mine as well. The universe is truly an amazing place! I am a keen football fan, and despite what Mr Hick may say, Tottenham Hotspur is the true pride of London.

Mrs Vale Year 2 class teacher (Veryan) & Creative team

I moved down to Cornwall to complete my teacher training and have never looked back! Since completing the last part of my teacher training here at Threemilestone, I have enjoyed teaching in both key stages alongside the other wonderful members of staff. The welfare of the children is at the heart of everything I do and I am always keen to promote a positive learning environment where everyone can succeed. I believe it is our job to broaden the children’s horizons and encourage their thirst for learning. One of my favourite things to do is walking with my husband and two dogs, Monday and Scrabble, and, after living in both France and Italy, I have never lost the travelling bug!

Mr Bagley Year 3 class teacher (Bissoe) & STEM team

I’ve been teaching for about 14 years. I’ve worked in years 1, 3, 4 and 5 and I'm currently back in year 3. I'm extremely enthusiastic about learning with computers, programming and the possibilities of using the internet to enhance learning within the school. I really enjoy running Code Club with the KS2 children and like it when they show me their latest projects (even if their programming skills are outstripping mine!).

I love teaching all of the areas in school but I particularly enjoy the STEM subjects - particularly science and DT where children have the chance to get really hands on and find things out using practical equipment and trial and error. I am also the school's Educational Visits Coordinator and I love going off on a trip or a camp with the school.

Outside of school, my hobbies include kitesurfing, crossfit and playing guitar in a local band.

Miss King Year 3 teacher (Kynance Cove) & Wellbeing team

I am a newly qualified teacher after having spent the last three years studying Primary Education at the University of St Mark and St John in Plymouth. Throughout my degree I have trained in various schools and in both Key Stage 1 and 2, specialising in PE.

I believe teamwork and inclusion in the classroom is extremely important to raise self-esteem in order for the children to achieve and feel confident in their learning environment. I am very excited to have joined such a wonderful team at Threemilestone School and begin my career within such a positive school community.
During my free time I enjoy going to the beach to participate in different water activities as well as being a 'Swim Safe' teacher. I've played netball since school and enjoy being part of a team.

Miss Bryant Y4 Class teacher (Bodelva) & Language team

I have recently joined the team at Threemilestone Primary School enrolling as a newly qualified teacher after recently completing my PGCE with Exeter University. Whist carrying out my 4 year degree, I have worked in a range of different schools and environments teaching in year 2 and year 5, as well as spending many years working within a special education needs (SEN) setting. From my SEN experience, I have worked closely with individuals of all ages with significant emotional challenges. With mental health issues becoming more evident in children and young adults, I have a passion for understanding mental wellbeing and finding the best way to communicate and support children to allow them to achieve their full potential in learning. In my free time, I love exploring the different parts of Cornwall with my dog and painting the glorious coastline. I also love relaxing in spas and going out for lunch with friends. I have grown up as a keen horse-rider and can also bake a pretty tasty cake!

Mr Rutterford Y5 Class teacher (Rinsey Cove)

Even in the first few days working in TMS,I really enjoyed the fast paced environment and enthusiastic children in the classrooms. Starting half way through the school year was quite tricky, but I do enjoy a challenge and can already tell I'll be having a lot of fun with my class as well as learning lots!

Teaching has always been something I was interested in ever since year 6. I went to school down on the Lizard and I had a really inspiring teacher who helped me so much with my learning and made me enjoy school - that's something I want to bring to my classrooms. I believe that if children are enjoying themselves and having fun in lessons, their learning will thrive!

I have previously been a teacher for 5 years in Weston Super Mare and loved my time in the school I worked in up there, but everyone needs a change. So I took 18 months out to do a bit of travelling, some supply teaching, but mainly...Snowboarding! Which I absolutely love. To be honest, I love all sports, and in my free time away from teaching, you will always find me doing something active; whether it’s football on the beach or taking my dog for a run - anything outside really!

Mr Wake Y5 Class teacher (Watergate Bay) & STEM team

I have recently joined the team at Threemilestone Primary School enrolling as a newly qualified teacher after recently completing my PGCE with Exeter University. Whist carrying out my 4 year degree, I have worked in a range of different schools and environments teaching in year 2 and year 5, as well as spending many years working within a special education needs (SEN) setting. From my SEN experience, I have worked closely with individuals of all ages with significant emotional challenges. With mental health issues becoming more evident in children and young adults, I have a passion for understanding mental wellbeing and finding the best way to communicate and support children to allow them to achieve their full potential in learning.

I believe the outdoor environment is one of the greatest classrooms which we need to continue encouraging children to use. Having grown up in Cornwall alongside the sea and surf, I have spent many of my previous years travelling across the globe in search of remote surf destinations which has allowed me learn about many diverse cultures and people. From this, I aim to incorporate my authentic world experiences to inspire and motivate the children to be the best that they can be.

I also support Arsenal which may cause some friction amongst other staff on who is truly the best London club…

Mrs Martin Year 5 class teacher (Mousehole) & STEM team

I have enjoyed spending my time with children since I was old enough to babysit and have had many opportunities to work with young people ever since. Whilst looking after my family, I decided to study for a degree. Eventually, in the summer of 2005, I qualified as a teacher – something I never
thought would happen to me. I have worked in many schools, teaching in almost all year groups and then I joined Threemilestone School in 2014. Y6 was a new challenge for me and I’m still enjoying it! Whilst I am excited about all learning, maths does come a little higher up the list along with science and making things. However, being around young people and helping them to see the best in themselves, has always been, and continues to be, my main reason for teaching.

Mrs Murt Year 6 Class teacher (Marazion) & Humanities team

First thing you need to know about me is that I love teaching at Threemilestone. I got into teaching after completing my Psychology degree at Kingston University. The call of the sea pulled me back to Cornwall where I began to volunteer in a number of different settings and I fell in love with teaching the second I stepped into a classroom. After completing my PGCE, supply work and maternity cover, I have found my place within Threemilestone School where I cannot wait to see what the future holds for me. When I am not teaching you can often find me attempting to run of an evening or watching films, usually along the Disney or Harry Potter lines.

Miss Bowen Year 6 class teacher (Botallack) & Language team

I returned to Cornwall three years ago to start my teaching career after studying for a degree in geography and completing my teacher training in Southampton. Since then, I have enjoyed getting to know and learn with so many different children, celebrating their strengths and enjoying their successes. I feel very fortunate to be continuing my teaching journey at Threemilestone School, where I myself went as a primary school pupil – a place which holds many happy memories for me! When I am not at school, I love exploring new parts of Cornwall as well as travelling around the world and finding my new favourite place – at the moment it's Paris.

Mr Newsome Year 6 class teacher (Newquay) & Wellbeing team

What I most enjoy about teaching, is sharing my working day with young people that are keen, enthusiastic and full of wonder. Although I’m new to the TMS team, I can already see that the children are keen to explore and ready for a challenge- two key elements to success. My love of teaching comes from my love of learning. Every day for me is a learning day, be it in the classroom, on the playground, out in the garden with a book, or my personal favourite- at the beach! It has been a privilege to teach year 6 for a number of years, working alongside an incredible group of people to strive for the very best for the children I teach.
For me, teaching and learning is all about sharing ideas, challenging ourselves and exploring the world around us. Growing up in Cornwall gave me an appreciation of how special this place we call ‘home’ really is. I try my very best to incorporate as many different experiences into my teaching as possible. Outside of school, I love to cook, read, run and spend time exploring the world with my fiancé or walking our crazy Sprocker, Rocco!

Mrs Johnston

I started my teaching career at Threemilestone School in 2012 as a newly qualified teacher. I feel very lucky to be part of such a passionate and dedicated team who provide a rich and inspiring education. Coming from large family of teachers, my desire to become a teacher started from a very early age. To see learning take place before your eyes, to watch tiny steps become huge ones, to find answers for questions you’ve never asked and to cultivate a love for learning are but a few reasons why I love teaching. Out of the classroom, I enjoy spending my time with my husband and little girls. We enjoy getting away when we can, spending time on the beach, cycling our favourite trails, walking the coastline with our Golden Retriever or visiting friends and family.

Mrs Tindale

I moved from Newcastle to sunny Cornwall in 2007 and joined TMS back in 2014. I have been lucky enough to nurture the littlest people at our school and support their families during their first years of formal education.

Miss Andrew Sports Coach

My teaching career started in 2014 where I taught PE at Alverton Primary School. I then moved on to teach PE at St Meriadoc Junior School until I found TMS. I have been here for three years now and I absolutely love it. The pupils make my job worthwhile and I am always motivated to push them to the max. This school has amazing ability and I cannot wait for each year to start. I put all my effort into TMS and I hope my position here grows and grows.

I have lived in Cornwall all my life and grew up in Penryn. I had many hobbies growing up but the main sports I excelled in are football and table tennis. I played Table Tennis for England U18’s in Croatia and was county number 1 for three consecutive years. I played football for County U16’s and I manage, coach and play in my own team (Penryn Ladies) which has been running for four seasons. I also enjoy watching films, going to the cinema and chilling on the beach with my friends.

Mrs Thomas Pupil Support Mentor

I started my life at Threemilestone as a parent helper; since then I have worked in both key stages in a number of roles including one to one helper, lunchtime supervisor and class T.A, all of which I really enjoyed.

I am currently a pupil support mentor and I love this role... I love being able to make a positive difference for pupils who would otherwise struggle with school. I believe that proper support should be provided for pupil's emotional and mental wellbeing in order for them to get the most out of their time at school. Each child comes to school with different life experiences and I aim to always provide individualised support where needed. I am currently working towards becoming a qualified TIS practitioner (Trauma Informed Schools) along with Mr Hick and Mrs Ewart.

I love being part of the Threemilestone family , we all learn from each other and are a great team. I work with some great people, who all bring something different to the table-this is one of the things that makes us such a fantastic school.

Outside of school life I spend my time with my rather large family. I am quite often covered in glitter or play doh after playing with my three little girls. I love the sea being in it or near it, completing obstacle race courses, long walks and reading.

Mrs Browning

I have taught music for over twenty years to all ages and I am
passionate about creating learning environments that give all the opportunity to learn, enjoy and share music together. I am delighted to have joined the brilliant team at Threemilestone. I believe that singing and music should be at the heart of all of our lives and from my own experience, through teaching and through bringing up my own children, I have seen the difference it makes, the connections it forms and the joy it
After studying music at university I worked for various companies – including Virgin Music and Roland. In 2006 my growing family moved to Cornwall.
When I’m not teaching I’ll be found singing (I’m always singing
something!) or playing piano, or will be outside enjoying all that this amazing county has to offer – with my three daughters, my husband and Bess, our collie-cross dog.

Office staff

Mrs Weston

Miss Hawken

Mr Aldworth


Mrs Prout

Mrs Rowland

Mrs Davies

Mrs Stephens

Year 1 TAs

Miss Reid

Miss Penrose

Mrs Rankine

Mrs Tite

Year 2 TAs

Miss Moyle

Mrs Lean

Mrs Williams

Mrs Henley

Year 3 TAs

Mrs Blight

Mrs Harris

Mrs Hayes

Year 4 TAs

Mrs Ascroft

Mrs Pascoe

Miss Tickle

Mrs Senior

Year 5 TAs

Mrs Julian

Mr Szymanek

Mr Osborne

Year 6 TAs

Mr Kellow

Miss Tocher

Mr Hamshar

Mrs Hick


Mrs Sarah Douce - Chair of Governors

Having three daughters I quickly came to realise that the input and experiences that my children had at school had a huge effect on their whole life and was a large part of shaping the adults they would become.

My background was finance, so stepping into the world of governance in 2007 was a whole new learning journey for me, but one I wouldn’t want to change. I believe passionately that all children, regardless of their own situations, should have the right to the benefit of the highest quality of education and care that we as a school and community can provide them with. This is at the core of all the decision making I make with the governing body, from budget setting to teacher recruitment. I will never stop striving for the very best for the amazing children who come through our doors, and to see them flourish and grow into confident and resilient young people is the greatest reward I could ask for

Mrs Adele McAlpine Vice chair of Governors

I have been a Governor for almost 9 years having started when my eldest child was in year 3. Three of my children have been through the school and my youngest is just about to start so I feel that I know the school quite well and have seen a lot of changes taking place. But one of the many joys of being a Governor is being part of those changes and supporting the school as it grows and develops. It's a great privilege to spend time in our school with our fabulous children and I've particularly enjoyed helping with the Year 5 and 6 trips to London. I feel very proud of our school and the opportunities that are offered to all our children

Mrs Zoe Allen

Dr G F

I was thrilled to recently join TMS as a governor. It is a privilege to be part of a dynamic and passionate team that aims to provide a holistic learning environment. As a health professional, working with children and families impacted by developmental trauma and/or neurodevelopmental difficulties, I hope to be able to bring my knowledge and experience to help support TMS achieve it’s objectives. As a regular guest lecturer at the University of Plymouth, I have developed an interest in pedagogy, which I hope will contribute to the reflection of the teaching methods applied within TMS. In addition, as a parent of a child at TMS, I will also be able to provide a personal parent perspective.

Mrs Amy Kellow

I was elected as a Parent Governor in July 2017. My daughter has already completed her journey through Threemilestone School, from Reception through to Year 6 and my son is currently in KS2. I live in the village and work full time in a global planning and supply chain role in the filtration manufacturing industry. Away from work, I enjoy being outdoors – beach walks and snorkelling being firm favourites that aren’t done nearly enough as I’d like. I also seem to spend a lot of time being a taxi to and from various clubs and children's social events!

I joined the governing body because I wanted to ‘give something back’. My children have enjoyed their time at the school, been cared for and enjoyed new experiences. We feel very lucky to have such a lovely school on our doorstep and I look forward to being a part of the school’s bright future.

Mr Paul Morgan

I was delighted to be asked to join the Threemilestone governing board in the spring term 2017 as a co-opted governor. I have a daughter at the school and a son at secondary school, who also attended and was very happy at TMS.

I bring extensive financial and personnel management skills and experience to the governing board as I work for a FTSE 100 financial services provider. I use these skills to support the governors to hold the senior leaders to account for the school’s financial management, and ensure the staff are supported and challenged to provide the very best education for all the children.

I was appointed as chair of the Resources Committee in September 2017.

It is an honour to serve on a Governing Board that supports the pupils, staff and community of Threemilestone to deliver their potential and help drive the strategic direction of the school.

Rev Jeremy Putnam

I am Vicar for the parish of Highertown and Baldhu which includes Threemilestone and surrounding communities west of Truro. I was thrilled to be asked to become a Community Governor in 2015 and I am passionate about supporting the school to give it's pupils the best possible start in education.

Along with the experience I bring from pastoral and parish ministry, I am currently chair of Cornwall Refugee Resettlement Network, trustee for Cornwall Hugs Grenfell, Chair of Churches Together in Truro, and also sit on the Cornwall Council working group for Equality and Diversity in Cornwall. It is my delight to be a part of this school and community, TMS is a very special place and I am committed to supporting the school team in fostering an environment that encourages children to make a positive difference in the world.

Mr Michael Rule

I'm very proud to have two daughters currently attending Threemilestone School and based on the fact that my children would be attending this school for several years I wanted to offer any time, skills and support I have that could be beneficial to school.

I was very fortunate to be offered a place on the board of governors in the spring of 2017 and have been very grateful to be part of something that's helping to shape our childrens future.

My area of expertise is in IT and I am passionate about the use of technology to enhance learning. I hope over the course of my time with the school to bring new ideas and to offer my experience and advice when new projects arise.

As a SEN parent I also offer a different perspective on the school. I believe that all children should have a positive and productive experience at school and that with the right leadership and environment this can be achieved. In my role as governor I hope to be a voice for those with SEN children and to help the school to continue it’s excellent work in this area.

Mrs Becky Tong

I felt excited to be elected as a Parent Governor in July 2017.
I have twin girls at Threemilestone School who are currently in KS2 and I work as a Nurse in a busy and innovative department at Treliske Hospital.
I was interested in how the school was run and how important decisions were made and the impact these may have on the children and their education.
I wanted to be able to show my support to the staff and to offer encouragement or a listening ear if necessary. I have welcomed the opportunity to be able to give something back.
I have a special interest in EYFS and very much enjoy being a parent volunteer in the Reception Classes.
I am delighted to be a part of such an enthusiastic team who have our children’s interests and future as a priority.

Dr Jasmin Tregidga

I was delighted to be asked to join Threemilestone School’s Governing Board as a co-opted governor in October 2019. Currently, I have two sons enjoying their time at the school – one in Year 3 and one just starting his adventures in Reception.

I am a Criminologist and worked as a research lecturer at a Welsh University for fifteen years. On my return to Cornwall some years ago, I set up my own crime and social research consultancy. I collaborate with organisations across a range of sectors including education and health and social care and specialise in multi-agency working, safeguarding and enhancing support for vulnerable families and children.

I have come into school as a parent volunteer for a number of years and value the passion, skills and commitment demonstrated by all of the staff. I hope to be able to draw on my professional expertise to support the school in its strategic decision-making and the priorities it sets for the educational and social well being of all of our children.


Hello from the Vice Chair

We have a very active PTFA Organisation. They organise lots of fun fundraising events in aid of the school.

Many hands make light work and so the PTFA is always looking for new volunteers. If you can spare just a few afternoons a year to help out, please contact the school office and the staff will put you in touch with the PTFA.

The PTFA organise many events during the year including:

  • Termly discos
  • Leavers Summer BBQ and Disco
  • Quizzes
  • Bingo
  • Christmas Bazaar
  • Summer Fete
  • Cream Teas
  • Ice Pop Sales
  • 2nd Hand Book Sales
  • Uniform Sales

They use the money that they raise to buy items for the children within the school. Recent donations have included:

  • A projector and screen for the school hall
  • Play equipment for each class to use during wet play times
  • Money towards our new outdoor play equipment
  • Sound equipment in the School Hall
  • Pantomime trip for all the children in the school
  • Books for the new library

The PTFA are registered with easyfundraising. It offers you a really easy way to raise money for the school, just by shopping online. You simply shop with any of over 2000 well-known retailers and a percentage of what you spend is passed to the PTFA at no additional cost to you. Retailers include Amazon, M&S, Vodafone, eBay, Tesco, Viking and many more. Please register here and support us today.

PTFA easyfundraising link


Minutes of Meetings

PTFA Extra-ordinary General Meeting 26 Sept 2018

Minutes 29 October 2018