TMS STAR Curriculum (including Reading)

Where learning is fuelled by creativity

At TMS we are passionate about giving our children a rich and varied curriculum: one that inspires them and one that they can’t wait to come to school and be part of.

Our curriculum reflects our children – their interests and what is important in their life. Many will have jobs which haven’t been created yet, so a positive, resilient attitude and the ability to learn how to learn are crucial for success. Combining learning key skills, and giving children a thirst for knowledge, give our children the best start in life.

Curriculum Statement


We follow our very own STAR curriculum.

S Stimulating. We want all children to be actively engaged, enthused and excited by their learning.

T Team-based. We want all children to have opportunities to learn through collaboration: to respect and embrace differences, to utilise each other’s strengths and to be adaptable and flexible.

A Aspirational. We want all children to enjoy seeking challenge through nurturing curiosity and being intrinsically motivated to achieve great things.

R Relevant. We want all children to be immersed in a carefully planned and responsive curriculum, which celebrates Cornish heritage whilst outwardly seeking an understanding of current global issues: a curriculum which builds on previous knowledge and understanding where children are learning through genuine links between subjects, making sense of the world around them.

All our curriculum teams have worked alongside our SEND teams to ensure that our curriculum can enable all children to succeed through specific adaptations according to need.


Our Curriculum Teams

At Threemilestone School we organise our curriculum leadership into teams – Language, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths), Humanities, Creative and PE. The School also has a team for Personal development, which includes PSHE.

“The broad and balanced curriculum inspires pupils to learn. The range of subjects and courses helps pupils acquire knowledge, understanding and skills in all aspects of their education, including the humanities and linguistic, mathematical, scientific, technical, social, physical and artistic learning”. Ofsted 2015

Visit our Discovery page for more information and resources on supporting your child with each of our curriculum areas.

Language Team

Teachers: Mrs Brown, Mrs Johnston, Mrs Webb, Mrs Murt,

Governors: Mark Hamshar & Dr Jasmin Tregidga

We believe passionately that communication is key to success! So we work together to provide a curriculum that has language at the heart of everything we do.

Language underpins all curriculum areas. We make sure that our writing is relevant and motivating, and that we have opportunities to speak articulately, communicate well, discuss and debate, and be totally immersed in BOOKS!

Our fascination of the English language also then leads to our teaching of French and we currently teach French across Key Stage 2.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) Team

Teachers: Mrs Vale, Miss Wallis, Mr Rowland, Miss Smith, Mr Wake, Mr Jane

Governors: Andrew Blizzard, Max Chippett,

We aim to inspire the scientists and engineers of the future through experiments and exploration. We strive to offer them opportunities to question the world around them, to engage with STEM ambassadors and to reimagine the future. 

They will build upon their working scientifically skills, plan and perform their own experiments as well as make observations to answer questions about the world. We believe that the children should be curious and our aim is to encourage and promote their natural curiosity. It is important to see science as a process of enquiry that is relevant in every aspect of their daily lives. We want to extend their knowledge through further research, experimentation and enquiry and build upon this every year. Through this, we will encourage respect for the environment and the world around them.

Our school is filled with young engineers, mechanics and technicians.They are desperate to learn more about design and technology and their role in the world, and we aim to give them the best deal ever!  We aim to make it relevant for the children, allowing them to research existing products and design, make and evaluate their own products. They will be taught the technical knowledge needed for  DT including Mechanical structures, textiles, food and nutrition. Through these lessons, we inspire children to problem solve creatively and explore how and why things work. 

In computing, we aim to ensure all of our children are digitally literate and able to stay safe online. We want them to be ready for their future workplace and be respectful, responsible participants in a digital world. Programming and problem solving are key areas that the children will be taught. The children  will be taught explicit skills to express and develop their ideas and to be able to progress in our rapidly changing world. 

Humanities Team

Teachers: Miss Body, Mrs Rail, Mrs Webb

Governors: Steph Vandike & Cat Tong

We want to inspire children’s curiosity to explore the past and develop critical skills of historical inquiry. It’s important for children to put the pieces of the past together and show how we came to where we are today.

We strive to teach a broad and balanced curriculum in geography; teaching knowledge using both first-hand experiences and creative resources to provide children with a secure level of understanding of the world.

We feel passionately that our children need to know and understand the differences and similarities of different religions of the world, so that we can understand each other and celebrate difference.

Creative Team

Teachers: Miss Bryant, Mrs Browning, Mr Knight

Governor: Stacey Parr

We have many talented, creative children at Threemilestone School, from artists and musicians to budding actors, and it’s our job to offer opportunities to develop their artistic learning.

The creative team aspire to develop a broad and well-balanced creative curriculum where children have opportunities to flourish and their talents can be nurtured.

Throughout the year, children can take part in a variety of vocal and instrumental learning and performances, both in school and different settings. All children take part in school productions, and display their fantastic pieces of artwork across the school.



Teachers: Mr Jane and Miss Andrew

Governor: Max Chippett