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Closing Date: Thursday 23rd November 2023
Interview Date: Monday 27th November 2023
Contract Type: Temporary until 31st August 2024


Volunteering at Threemilestone school

Work Experience at Threemilestone School

As a student you will be a very important part of school life. You will provide an extra adult and role model for the children. You’ll build up relationships with children which will be important to them.

And you’ll learn on the job by watching carefully and listening to instructions.

Around the school

Please ensure that your mobile phone is put away, somewhere safe. Mobile phones are not to be used near the children. School starts at 8.30am, you’ll need to be in school by 8.15am. Please be punctual. The class teacher will plan his/her lessons with you in mind. If you are unable to attend as usual, it is very important that you let the school know as soon as possible.

Positive role model

The children will call you Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms and then your surname. All students in school are role models for the children. Students need to be patient, kind, supportive and calm at all times. Your behaviour will be closely watched by the children. Please make sure that you are a positive role model at all times. Do not pick the children up or sit them on your knee.


Please dress professionally in smart casual dress.


All children are encouraged to be as independent as is appropriate for that child. Many children will ask for help rather than trying themselves. Please check with the class teacher or TA as to what help to give. All children should have the opportunity to think for themselves. Ask them what they think they ought to do.


It is important that you enjoy coming in to school and feel that you are doing something that is worthwhile. If you do not feel happy, please talk to us about any concerns.

Addressing teachers and parents.

All children are expected to address staff by their formal titles. Staff normally call each other by their formal titles when children are within earshot and by their first names at other times. The children will regard you as staff.

Child Protection

It is the responsibility of all adults in school to be aware of the issue of physical and sexual abuse. If you have any concerns about any child in school, please see the class teacher or Ms Teagle or Mrs Ewart. If a child should disclose anything to you, please listen carefully without asking questions and reassure the child. As soon as possible, alert the class teacher or Headteacher. Never promise a child that you will keep a secret. Trust is important, but a child’s safety and well-being has to take priority.

  • If a child requires First Aid, please advise a member of staff. First aiders are Miss Hawken and Mrs Weston
  • If a child needs changing, please make sure that you ask a member of staff to do this.
  • Please talk to the class teacher about the Fire Procedure.
  • If you see anything in school that is a health and safety hazard, please talk to your class teacher or the Headteacher.
  • If a child has an accident, please report it to the class teacher.
  • Near misses need to be reported too. There is a book in the school office where near misses need to be recorded. Please speak to your class teacher first.

Please also read our safeguarding leaflet.

Guidelines for Working in School

Confidentiality is essential. You are in a position of trust. Whatever you hear or see in school must go no further. Anything that happens in School, should not be discussed with anyone outside school or mentioned on any social network sites such as Facebook or Instagram. If you hear or see something in school that concerns you, please speak to the class teacher or Ms Teagle or Mrs Ewart as soon as possible.


It is the responsibility of the teacher to make sure you understand what to do. If you are not clear about what is expected of you, please ask – nobody will mind.

Managing Children’s Behaviour

  • It is the responsibility of the class teacher to discipline the children. If you are working with a child who is making poor choices, often a quiet word will settle them down. If this fails, ask the teacher to deal with it.
  • Everyone walks inside the building.
  • Children should ask permission before leaving the classroom.
  • All children are expected to be outside the building at break times
  • All visitors to the building during the school day are required to enter through the main door, sign in and out, and wear the appropriate badge.
  • Children may only leave school during the school day when accompanied by a parent / carer. They must inform the office staff before leaving the premises.
  • Children should not cross the school drive or car park while they are on school premises.

Support for students on work experience

Students are supported by their class teacher, and the class teacher and/or TA appropriate to their course. You’ll be given an opportunity to talk to other teachers and the Headteacher about working in School. You will also be encouraged to visit other classes. We’ll give you all the relevant information you need. If it is appropriate, you can request a more formal meeting with the class teacher and the student liaison teacher to support college tasks, to discuss issues and offer support.

You can read our school policies here.

Please also print and complete this form with your important contact details and parent’s permission, and return to the school office before you begin your placement.