Wider Opportunities @ TMS

Where learning is fuelled by creativity

At TMS we value opportunities to develop children’s interest and to further the development of character and citizenship within school and the local community. We ensure that distribution of opportunity is fairly distributed and leaders actively encourage children who may be more vulnerable or ‘disadvantaged’ to be part of wider opportunities offered at TMS. 

  • CLUBS – At Threemilestone School there are appropriately 25 clubs (with most clubs taking 30 children) which children can sign up to termly, from EYFS to Y6. There is  a range of sporting, art, construction opportunities and others. The SENDCOs analyse the take up each term and report to Governors how many children with SEND attend clubs. Staff ensure that children who may have different needs have places to enhance their personal development, as well as overcoming any social barriers, or difficulties with parental engagement. There is a fair distributed participation across all vulnerable groups, and across the range of activities which can be accessed. It is expected that all teachers volunteer to run a club. Clubs also give an opportunity for staff to share their strengths and passion, and to work with children who may have strengths within these areas as well as developing new areas of strengths and interests.

CURRICULUM VISITS – Each term there is at least one opportunity for each year group to go on an educational visit to enhance their STAR learning. On each visit, there is a clear rationale on the intention of the visit.

RESIDENTIALS –  From Y2-6 there are annual residentials. Children who come from financially disadvantaged backgrounds are given 50% off due to Pupil Premium. The residentials on offer have been recently changed to ensure that there are no limits on how many children can go on each visit to ensure equality of opportunity. There may some children who need more financial support, which the school is able to support.

MUSIC  – TMS children are invited to take part in Songfest every year, performing at the Hall for Cornwall. There are also Trust and Music Hub projects the school is involved in, for example, Sea Shanty singing and Garage Band. Children, from EYFS to Y6, also have an opportunity each Christmas in a production. Up to 40 children take up the opportunity of peripatetic music lessons including, drumming, guitar, keyboard, brass and woodwind.

SPORTS – The attendance at clubs as well as PE learning, leads to participating in all local, Trust, Cluster and County tournament, festivals and competitions. All children who are wanting to, are able to participate in at last one event each year.   

GARDENING – TMS School have an extensive outside area which is being developed by a member of staff and a group of Gardeners. The school also has 2 courtyard area which the gardening club are responsible for maintaining.

THEATRE & MUSIC GROUPS – To enhance our STAR curriculum, we invite visiting theatre groups into school to support our learning. Examples are Cornish Caretaker, Minack, Squashbox Theatre, Will Keating. The Richard Lander students visit every year with a theatre production on online safety.