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Assemblies – Paddington’s visit and refugee week

25th June 2020 in Assembly

Paddington’s adventures!

Every month, we receive a postcard from Paddington. He is travelling the world with UNICEF and finding out not only fascinating facts about the country, but also how UNICEF are helping the children.

This month, he has visited the wonderful place of Nepal and found out about a little girl who UNICEF have provided the opportunity for girls to play football. We also found out about the Nepalese calendar, the unusual shaped flag, Dal Bhat and of course … Mount Everest!


Years 4, 5 and 6

With last week being refugee week, we took a look at why and how people become refugees. The trauma involved in fleeing from a place of war, persecution or a natural disaster, is something that we cannot imagine, but we can learn about to inform our views and opinions.

Rev’d Jeremy at All Saints Church does an awful lot of work with resettling refugee families in Cornwall and is always grateful to receive support – whether it be in conversation and raising awareness, or families who want to physically do something to support.

Cornwall Council are also running a Doll’s house project in which some people may want to be involved in at home –  CLICK HERE

These are also some great websites for finding out more:





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