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11th September 2019 in Our Community, Wellbeing
Climate strike – Go Green day at TMS!
Next week, all classes will be learning about the impact of climate change on our environment to kick start off our year of knowing that we can make a difference to the amazing world we live in.
On Friday 20th September, there will be Climate strikes across the country. TMS are sharing our voice with our community by joining in this national event. For this day, children can wear non uniform with a green theme. Please do not buy anything specific for this day – it can be as a simple as a green badge or ribbon, or if you fancy, go the whole way!
Throughout the day, you will find our children voicing their feelings about this event outside of school. Feel free to drop by and show your support!
As we will have voted in our Eco team by the 19th September, this is a fantastic start to raise awareness of something we all feel passionate about.
If you have ideas about how we can work together to save our world, please see our ECO team or staff members of the wellbeing team: Mrs Ewart, Mr Newsome, Miss King, Mrs Beckett and Mrs Thomas.
Thank you – we can all make a difference.


  1. Emma says:

    Could the school become a eco block collection point? and raise awareness of eco blocks to its pupils and it’s surrounding areas. I believe the nearest point to us is St Austell which it too fat to travel so one is needed in Truro.

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