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12th February 2020 in Whole School

KS2 red team have had a fun-filled final day in school this week. We spent our morning creating detailed water colour paintings of Falmouth Harbour. Next we collected descriptive language for Falmouth and all its scenic views, which we then used to write our own poetry – years 5/6 had a go at writing haiku poems and we had to think really carefully about syllables. To end the day we put our poetry and paintings together to create some beautiful artwork.

We can’t wait for our Maritime trip tomorrow!




Red team painted boat pictures based on the book ‘I Love Boats’.

They then wrote acrostic poems about boats. They then chose to work alone or in groups to build a junk model boat. In the afternoon they completed boat dot-to-dots as well as an origami boat.
They are really looking forward to their visit to the maritime museum tomorrow.
After spending the morning comparing St Ives to Threemilestone, the children in yellow team spent the day recreating the artwork they had seen at The Tate Gallery the day before. The famous piece they were replicating here is by the famous artist Henri Matisse and is called ‘The Snail’.
The children were exceptionally well behaved and we look forward to more exciting learning tomorrow!
Well done, yellows!
Year 3/4 yellow team were finding out about the importance of miner’s helmets. How the first Cornish mining helmets were made of felt and resin and would have some putty holding a candle.  We looked then at electric lights which were much safe for the miners and produce better lighting.
The children spent the first part of the morning finding out how to make a circuit with a switch and a bulb.  Then the children made their own miner helmets and had to incorporate their circuits to make a working lamp.
We finished off the exciting day by turning the classroom into mining tunnels and experienced what it was like to crawl in confined spaces.

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