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10th October 2019 in Uncategorized, Wellbeing, Whole School
We have had a really exciting and thought provoking day today at TMS. Wearing yellow to raise awareness of mental health, there were a range of activities going on throughout the day to make us aware of how we feel, how we can help ourselves and how we can help other people.
In some year groups, we thought about our mental health being a fizzy bottle. It is important to look after our mental health and not let things build up otherwise we can fizz and explode like our pop bottles. We thought about all the things we like to do to help us to keep our fizzing minds from spilling over. Colouring in, playing football, singing, having a bath, having a friend to chat to, a warm cup of hot chocolate,  a snuggle with mum, playing with  lego, reading a book and laughing were just some of the things we could do to keep our min in check.
 We have had a focus in some year groups on ‘When you’re down, get up and get physical.’ Today we, have been dancing and exercising in-between our learning activities.

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