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KS2 sports afternoons!

7th July 2019 in Sports
KS2 sports week!
This is a really exciting week for us to celebrate our sporting achievements at TMS. We have Y3/4 sports afternoon on Tuesday and Y5/6 sports afternoon on Wednesday. The afternoons will start at 1.30pm, with the gates opening at 1.25pm.
To make the afternoons really enjoyable:
* All children will need water bottles. There will be a refilling station to ensure that children have water at all times. 
* All children will need PE kit (white T-shirt and dark shorts)
* Children will need to put on sunscreen before they come to school, and may choose to bring extra to put on before the afternoon begins.
* Children may wear sun hats or caps to protect them from the sun.
* Children will be dismissed at the end of the day as usual, through the usual doors.
Please do not bring additional snacks or drinks for the children to have during the afternoon – they will have just had lunch and plenty of water will be available. There will be ice poles on sale by the PTFA after the sports afternoon is over.  
You are welcome to take photos of your own children. If you intend to post any photos on social media, please ensure that other children are cropped out. It is a really exciting day and these sports day memories are really special! 
These sports afternoon are all about focusing on the children and their enjoyment of sport. A polite reminder that all children need to be positively encouraged and there must be no alcohol on school site or smoking/vaping.
On Friday morning, we will hold Sports Presentations (Y3/4 at 9am, Y5/6 at 10am). Parents/carers of children who have represented the school in competitive sport this year, and the winners of the activities on sports afternoon  will be invited to share these achievements. Parents/carers will be noted by either text or email on Thursday morning.  
Thank you to all our families for being so understanding – it is a really exciting week and we look forward to celebrating all out children’s achievements and enjoyment of sport!

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