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Maths @ TMS!

31st January 2020 in Maths ( & STEM), Whole School

Over the last couple of weeks Ms. Teagle, Mr. Hick, Mr. Lara have had the pleasure of watching and being part of maths lessons throughout the school. On one day we were joined by Mr. Faint from Mithian school who was blown away with how enthusiastic our children were about maths. It was really exciting to see how our children are becoming more confident in manipulating numbers and choosing the most efficient strategies when calculating; brains were aching as children actively grappled with new and difficult concepts. Teachers and TAs have also been involved in training with Mr. Hick and Mr. Lara over the last two weeks where they have been particularly focusing on variation, building learning in small steps and how to develop children’s reasoning skills. The morning of our INSET day on Friday 14th Feb will involve more mathematical training which we are looking forward to.



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