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Music @ TMS – French Skipping

17th May 2020 in Creative

Who remembers French Skipping  ?
French skipping was really popular in the 1980’s – perhaps someone at home will remember playing it.  The most common rhyme is here and is usually chanted.  I have seen some really elaborate skipping / elastic patterns being invented in playgrounds and also some great songs being sung along.   Perhaps you have made up your own?
Playground games, played all over the world, are passed from down generations and across lands with the rhymes, songs and accompanying jumping / clapping patterns twisting and turning as they go.
Most games have an accompanying song and to mark out the rhythm children use whatever they have to hand – so pebbles, body percussion (clapping hands and knees etc) and in this case elastic.
You can use a chair (twisting the chair to change the width of the jumping rope)  if you don’t have enough feet at home – just be careful!

If you don’t have any elastic at home then some is available on Etsy and all money from sales is going to Save The Children’s Coronavirus Appeal.  Funds raised will go towards giving families the support they need around the world and here in the UK —support that will help keep children well, protected and learning.
Let us know how you get on!
Mrs Browning 

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