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Headteacher Update

24th June 2020 in Headteacher's Update

As we are approaching the final 2 weeks of term, we are still amazed at the amount of learning going on both at home and at school. So many families are in such different circumstances – some are enjoying the time spent at home and thriving, some are struggling with routines, some are finding a whole host of emotions and feelings challenging: be assured, that whatever you are feeling, there are other families feeling the same. Hang on in there … there is an end in sight!

When we have the whole school returning in September, as a staff, we are not worried about how far behind children are, how much ‘learning is lost’ and how much children need to ‘catch up’. These phrases are being thrown around by the media, and in reality, they are not helpful! As a school, we always put the wellbeing of our children first, and September isn’t going to be any different. We will be thrilled to see your children after the summer break! Settling into the new classes and getting to know their new teachers and support staff will be a priority, and ensuring they also have some time to touch base with the staff from this year.  As far as learning goes, as teachers, we never make assumptions before we embark on new learning experiences, and whether it be phonics, reading, writing or number learning, our staff are skilled in finding out where we are now … and the next steps. Please do not worry about ‘lost learning’, but we will work together to settle your children back  into the routine of learning, creating an environment and opportunities for each child to flourish. 

What we are asking you to do with your child over the break is to, depending the age of your child:

  • read to your child
  • hear your child read
  • practice phonics
  • practice spelling the ‘Common Exception Word’ and words from the KS2 statutory word lists 
  • write as often as you can, practicing your pencil hold and letter formation (bad habits are really hard to reteach!)
  • practice number bonds, mental maths strategies and formal arithmetic calculations 
  • become really fluent in the times tables

If you would like support on any of the above, please do not hesitate to contact your class teacher, either by phoning the school, or through the homelearning email address, and we will make sure you have all the resources needed to keep you going over the summer. 

By doing these things little and often will help support your child and ensure that they start with confidence!  


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