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PARLIAMENT: Threemilestone School should have a whole school WATER FIGHT.

26th May 2019 in TMS Parliament

Last week our new MPs met and brought forward their amazing suggestions for our Summer term motion. We discussed them thoroughly and we came to a decision…

Threemilestone School should have a whole school water fight.

The MPs now have to decide who is ‘for’ the motion and who is ‘against’ and prepare their speeches to have in their classroom Parliament on Monday 24th June. After their persuasive speeches, Parliament is open for debate. Every pupil needs to come with thoughts, ideas, suggestions and questions and be involved in the debate.

Whether you think it will be a health and safety nightmare to organise, or whether you think it will be the best thing ever – you need to think of reasons why!

After the debate, all children will have 24 hours thinking time before they cast their private vote by ballot on Tuesday 25th June.



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