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Reflective space … something special

3rd September 2019 in Our Community

Our very special reflective space has started to develop over the summer holidays. As many of our school community knew, Miss Davies was such a talented artist, as well as being a very special teacher. Her family and friends had shared with our staff some amazing prints she had created, and we felt this would be a great starting point to our space.

A massive thank you to Jenny Tregear, who has been in school working tirelessly to recreate on of Miss Davies’ designs. It really is rather special …

As we start a very exciting Autumn term, Miss Davies will never be far from our thoughts.




  1. Samantha Drew says:

    This is so beautiful ♥️

  2. Emma Barnes says:

    This is a beautiful tribute to Becky and her passion for creativity .

  3. Abi Roberts says:

    This is a wonderful idea, many thanks to the artist who recreated Miss Davies’ work so beautifully. As family, It’s lovely to know Becky’s memory is being kept alive and her presence is still felt in such a special way.

  4. Julia Davies says:

    So lovely to see Becky’s art work being enjoyed by so many, I am sure that both the children and staff will enjoy this special place for years to come, Very proud of my great niece, a special girl.

  5. Amy Kellow says:

    So lovely

  6. Jeannie Fender says:

    What a great idea. So lovely to see that Becky will be remembered by her stunning artwork, I am sure Becky, my great niece, will be remembered by all her pupils and fellow teachers.

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