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SEN dyslexia Workshop

7th November 2018 in Family Workshops, SEN

Come and join us on Monday 26th November if you would like to learn more about dyslexia. This workshop will be lead by SENDCo Mrs Ewart from 2.30pm.

‘Dyslexia is a learning difference: a combination of strengths and weaknesses which affects the learning process.’ This means that children who have dyslexia learn in ways that are different from other children. In the United Kingdom, 1 in 10 people have dyslexia: Dyslexia affects boys and girls equally and there is evidence that it can run in families.

Many people consider that the thinking style that causes dyslexia is a gift, a natural ability, and in fact a talent. Consider some of the famous Dyslexics who excelled because of their dyslexia: Richard Branson, Tom Cruise, Walt Disney, Jim Carrey, Whoopi Goldberg and Keira Knightly.  Not everyone with dyslexia will become famous or be a genius but it is good to know that their mind works in the same way.

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