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13th October 2019 in TMS and the environment

Last week, our MPs met and decided our new motion up for debate at the end of this week:

There should be a ‘children in charge’ day at TMS.

Out of a whole heap of other great suggestions, our MPs decided that this was the motion that would create most debate in our classes. In the ‘children in charge day’ it would mean that children take the role of adults in the school:

  • health and safety checks
  • answering phones
  • opening gates in the morning
  • teaching lessons
  • leading clubs
  • lunchtime duties
  • solving friendship disputes
  • leading assemblies
  • marking books
  • doing risk assessments
  • doing first aid

All children in the school will do at least one job of an adult at some point during the day.

(for parent info – all these jobs will be carried out with an adult close by!)

The MPs have decided whether they are leading the ‘for’ or ‘against’ campaign and they are in the middle of writing their speech to lead the debate. On Thursday or Friday, the classrooms will be set up similar to Parliament and children will sit where they feel they will be supporting.

The debate will start with the MP persuasive speeches and then all children will have the opportunity to share their views and opinions on whether this will be a good idea … or not!

We will then have a whole week to think about it … before VOTING day on Tuesday 29th October!

Enjoy the conversations at home!

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