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11th July 2019 in TMS Parliament, Whole School

The MPS have now met to start planning the whole school water fight, as voted in in the latest election! The facts we would like to share with you at this stage:

  • It will take place on ‘wear what you like’ day on Tuesday 23rd July (approx 11o’clock).
  • Children can bring in water containers¬† e.g. reusing plastic drinks bottles, water pistols and super soakers! Children must realise when they bring them in that however we try to look after them, we cannot guarantee that they will not get broken. Don’t bring in anything precious.
  • There will be a quiet area for children who are not keen on water, so they can watch the event and maybe get a paddling pool in.
  • We will NOT be bringing in water bombs/ balloons due to not wanting to support the sale of single use plastic
  • It will not last a long time due to concerns raised by children about wasting water, especially in light of raising money for UNICEF.
  • Bring in something to change into, as well as a towel!

We thought families needed to find out asap in case you wanted to buy something small or collect containers.

Teachers will be meeting to finalise the rest of the plans next week – and obviously complete a FULL health and safety risk assessment!!



  1. Sarah tremellen says:

    Will be enjoyed by pupils and teachers alike look.forward to seeing lots of photos.

  2. Kerrie says:

    Great idea

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