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31st October 2019 in Headteacher's Update

It may have been a short week – but so much has happened! TMS staff enjoyed a fantastic science INSET day on Monday, coming back with great ideas to make our science at TMS even more exciting and hands on. We have also had great sessions with Steve Shepherd on online safety, for our Year 6s, staff and then our TMS families. We have had visitors to the school this week: Jo Harvey from Kehellend, Craig Robertson from Berrycombe and Claire Fortey, our Director of Education at TPAT. All were really impressed with our children’s behaviours – in the classroom and around the school. They were all able to talk really articulately about their learning and were great advocates for our school. The year 3s visited Eden, Mrs Vale and Mrs Browning attended a music conference, Mrs Beckett and Miss Andrew attended the sports conference and Mrs Ewart attended a SEN conference! So much professional development happening and really exciting for our staff and setting up great things to continue to happen at TMS!

Have a wonderful weekend : Come on England!!!!


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